Chapter 7

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Hazel's POV

Professor McGonagall started to call out the names from the list. The first student nervously walked up to the stool and sat down as the hat was placed on his head. It went over his eyes but the old hat still seemed to work because after about fifteen seconds, it opened its mouth and surprised many of the new students by yelling, "RAVENCLAW!"

The boy, looking extremely relieved, quickly walked over to a long table filled with cheering students in black robes and blue ties. The professor kept on calling out names and the sorting hat kept on putting the kids into one of the houses. After a few names that didn't sound familiar to Hazel, Professor McGonagall called on the first of the demigods. 

"di Angelo, Nico," her shrill voice could be easily heard by everyone in the great hall. The wizards didn't pay much attention to him, thinking that he was just another students on the long list of names, but the room went silent as he walked towards the stool. The shadows seemed to follow him as his dark aura changed the mood of many of the wizards around him. They seemed nervous and some, even a little scared. He sat down and put the hat on his head. The hat didn't quite go over his eyes like it did with the first years, but he pulled it down so it did.

Everyone was still silent, watching Nico and waiting for the hat to call out a house. Is something wrong? It didn't take this long to sort the other students, Hazel thought, What if the hat knows that we're not real wizards and we'll end up being sent back to camp without getting anywhere near accomplishing our quest? 

Those thoughts went away as the hat started to move its mouth again, "GRIFFINDOR!" The clapping started out slow as the Griffindors nervously welcomed Nico to their table. 

Hazel heard somebody in the crowd say, "I thought that he would be in Slytherin," and she saw a few of the people nod to the comment.

Annabeth, Jason, and Percy were also sorted into Griffindor along with some of the other wizards. Even though they were demigods, it didn't take as long for the Sorting hat to choose the house as it did with Nico. When about half of the crowd of first years had gone to their tables, Hazel heard her name getting called, "Levesque, Hazel."

She put one foot in front of the other. Then again, and then again. She never thought that walking over to some worn out hat would be so difficult. She grabbed the hat and sat down, thinking about what would happen when she put it on her head. When she did, she was surprised to hear it talking to her inside her head. 

"Hmm, interesting," Hazel heard the hat say in her mind, "I don't know how but you seem similar to four other students I sorted today. But your a lot like one in particular, he was a bit strange compared to most wizards, but then again, the other three were too. That one kid, I don't know how to describe him. He was the only one in centuries that blocked off my ability to see his past, but I got the message that it wasn't the easiest one." The hat seemed puzzled about this but continued," Anyways, this is about you."

Hazel knew that he was talking about Nico and her friends who were sorted before her, but like the hat had said, she decided to worry about which house she was going to be put in. How will you decide which house is right for me? She thought.

"I'll read your feelings, your thoughts, and your memories. I see now that your a little freaked out, well everyone I meet is." Hazel could sense the hat concentrating, "You are kind. You can also be courageous and bold, stepping up to help your friends. Ahh, but you have guilt and sadness in you too, this brings things to your past."

Hazel wanted him to stop. She wanted to take the hat off, but she knew that if she wanted to get sorted, she would have to keep it on. 

It reminded Hazel of a flip-book. As the sorting hat looked through her memories, so did she. Images of her past quickly came and went. They looked through her older memories first, the ones with her mother, getting teased in school, Sammy, and Alaska. Her worst memories of her mother's tantrums, having to sail to the island at night, Gaea, and the Underworld played in her mind. Those images changed to happier, more recent ones with her friends and the adventures they had traveling on the Argo II. They even went through the memories that she had that day, coming to Hogwarts and meeting Harry, Ron, and Hermione. 

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