Chapter 6

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Laina looked at Thomas

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Laina looked at Thomas. They all ran to the doors, a few of them with torches, and others with weapons. Laina looked at Ava, noticing Newt's arm around her. She smiled, before a loud clang, making them all cover their ears.

Everyone turned around at the noise, seeing a second set of doors opening. Another loud sounded through, and everyone ducked, looking to the right as another set of doors opened. Everyone looked to the left to see those doors doing the same.

"Chuck,  go to the council hall and start barricading the doors." Thomas said.

"Got it." Chuck said, running.

"Winston, you go with him." He nodded, following after him.

"Get the others. Tell them to get to the forest. Go, now!" Gally said, a few people ran, doing as he said.

"Minho, I want you to grab every weapon you can find. Take Laina with you, make sure you don't let her out of your sight. I'll meet you at Council Hall." Minho grabbed a hold of Laina's arm roughly, dragging her to the weapons. He let go of Laina, and she grabbed weapons left and right, Putting arrows on her back, and the bow around her arm.

"Teresa, you and I are going to get Alby, all right? Come on." Thomas said, walking with her to Homestead. He stopped when he heard screams, looking over to see everyone running.

Clanking noises made the group of people look at the maze, seeing Grievers on the walls and ground, running towards the opening. Thomas looked at everyone, seeing fear.

"All right, everybody hide!" He yelled, running with the rest of the boys. Teresa stayed glued to her spot. Thomas grabbed her. "Come on! Run! Run!"

Making sure she had everything, she ran out of the hut, despite Minho's yelling, and shot an arrow, hitting a Griever that was chasing Teresa and Thomas.

She loaded another arrow, shooting over and over again, making sure no one was in the way.  She looked to see Ava, running through, looking for someone, most likely Newt.

Teresa looked at Thomas who was beside her. "I know why their here." She whispered in his ear. "Their here to kill Ava and Laina."

Thomas looked up, slightly above the tall grass, seeing Laina running towards the Grievers. Laina shot an arrow just as Ava touched one, making it crash to the ground in a heap.

Laina looked over, seeing the group of boys and Thomas run out of the tall grass, making her load another arrow. Despite the warning from Thomas, she shot it, hitting her target.

"Laina!" Thomas yelled, getting the attention. But it was too late, The griever had already injected the serum into her neck, picking her up and dragging her into the maze. Thomas stood still for a moment. He could've saved her.

Teresa grabbed his arm, tugging a bit and making Thomas run. "Alby." He said, when he got there.  "Are you okay?"

"What's going on?" He asked, still kinda woozy.

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