chapter one

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caitlins pov

"you just went through a stop sign you idiot!" i smack stella on the leg and she gives me a dirty look.

"oh shut up there was nothing there you blue eyed freak" i lean back in me seat and laugh.
she giggles too.

"you're such a bitch" i say dragging my last word with a laugh.

"well can you just let me drive, god it's like driving with my mother" she continues to laugh with me.

i stop looking at her and look forward, there it is.
Warreed High School.

i grab my books and my bag, open the car door and slam it as I get out. finally senior year, just so excited for the shit that is going to happen this year.

"caitlin, look at what that skimpy bitch is wearing" she taps me and i look to where she's pointing.

i disgusted look comes across my face.
"why does jess have to wear something like that, she use to have class"

"um, when she's always been a slut" stella works to the school entrance but i continue to lean on the car and stare at jessica.

she's talking to a guy, I've never seen him before. i shrug it off and follow stella

she opens the door for me and all i see is freshmen.
"oh, I forgot about fresh meat" stella says loud and a few stare.

"they're harmless stella, leave them alone"
the school bell rings.

i pout to stella and we both go seperate ways, until someone bumps it to me.

"oh shit sorry about that" he helps me grab books and we make eye contact.

i stare for a little too long, i shake my head. "sorry, i i i just haven't seen you around here before"

"nah, you probably haven't im new" he says as a guy pats him on the back as he walks past.

"what's your name?" i say unsteadily.

" ethan, Ethan Dolan just moved here from the high school a couple miles down east. man i just hated that school" his voice cracks at his last sentence.

"what happened at your old school?" he's about to say something but looks down.

"where should you guys be?" i look behind me and i see principal kennal.

"sorry, we were just on our way" he looks at us furiously.

"you better be.... i don't have time for this, very disappointing for you mr. dolan as this is your first day" he crosses his arms.

" no no no, this is my fault not ethans" i step in front of ethan and he raises an eyebrow.

"okay miss. barrow, detention, my office, after school, now both of you of to class now" he turns his back and storms off.

we wait for him to be out of our sight.
"im really sorry about tha-" he cuts me off.
"you didn't have to do that at all, thankyou....."

"caitlin" i smile.
"thankyou caitlin" he smiles back "ill see you around"

he punches me softly on the shoulder, smirks and walks off.
i walk off too.

*bell rings*

i look up and grab my books, lunchtime finally.
i walk out of the classroom to an energetic stella, "i forgot to ask, what happened with dolan?" she jumps up and down like a little kid.


hey everyoneeee
sorry for being hella inactive, im officially not continuing late nights.
but im continuing locker rooms as you guys love that so muchhh
i really hope you enjoy this story, ive had writers block for a long time and im really really sorry about that
get ready for some new chapters twice a week 💗

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