Chapter One : Arrested

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"I have to get something for Key-hyungs birthday!" Taemin exclaimed. They had waited all week for this special day and he hadn't even gotten a present for Key. He ran a hand through his luscious locks trying to figure out what Key would like. 

Having failed to come up with any ideas of what to get, Taemin walked over to Jonghyun.

"Hyung..?" Taemin smiled as he stopped in front of him. Jonghyun looked up with a worried face. 

"Oh! Taemin is Key with you?" Jonghyun shouted whilst quickly looking around. Taemin looked around to double check. 


"Good. I have his present and I didn't want him to see! You see, I tricked him into thinking I didn't know it was his birthday, now he hates me. But once I surprise him with this, he will be so happy.." Jonghyun rambled on but Taemin stopped him.

"What did you get him?" he said trying to remove Jonghyun's hand from the present. 

"Oh, you can't see!" Jonghyun said pulling away, he gave a sneaky look. "It's a secret!" He said whilst walking off to hide it in the car. Taemin sighed.

"Wait I have to ask you! ...something.." Taemin shook his head slowly rethinking what he could get Key. He prance over to Onew who was happily eating chicken. "Hey hyung?" Taemin caught his attention. He looked up with a bit off chicken in his mouth.

"Mm?" was all he managed to say. 

"What did you get Key? I was wondering on what to get him. I failed to get an idea though!" Taemin explained, blushing at his recklessness. 

"I told you to go with Minho!" Onew said, having finished his chicken. "I got Key a necklace, with an actual Key on!" Onew smirked finding it funny. "But don't copy my idea!" He threatened. Taemin nodded. 

"Oh I won't, in fact, I'm going to go look for something in the shops nearby. See you later!" Taemin yelled whilst walking out the door.

"Don't forget to disguise!" Onew called, Taemin nodded and took a beanie hat, a black hoodie and some glasses, he put them on looking like an entirely new person. Everyone said goodbye as they watched him leave. Taemin skipped down the hallways of the studio. He ran out to the carpark and turned left. He pulled up his hood as he walked along.

He followed the pavement to the shops, they were only ten minutes from the studio by foot. He smiled.

"More than enough time to decide." He said out loud to himself. He paced along at a steady speed thinking of all the things Key likes. By the time he had reached the shops he still hadn't thought of anything, he sighed. "I guess I'm looking.." He decided as he headed to one of the shops Key usually goes in. 

His head shot up from the ground to the sound of sirens, he looked up to find some boy who wore a black hoodie, like himself, heading his way. Taemin had no time to react before he was knocked to the ground. A shot of pain hit his head as he crashed to the floor. When he opened his eyes he met the eyes of officers. He gave them a weird look as he tried to get up.

"Nice try.." One of the officers mumbled.

"W-what do you mean?" Taemin stuttered, his head throbbed with pain. 

"Don't play stupid, you know what you did, the proof is in your hands!" The female officer frowned, lifting his arm up revealing a bag. 

"What? That's not mine!" Taemin all but yelled, he was in pain and being arrested for nothing. 

"Well, you have the stolen goods and you match the description exactly." 

"S-stolen goods?!!" Taemin yelled. He pulled away only to be grabbed by his arms again. They bent them around his back and clipped them with handcuffs. "No! I only came down to get something for my hyung!!" Taemin pleaded, but the officers didn't care. They pushed him into the police car and shut the door.

By now Taemin was on the verge of crying. 

"C-call my m-manager!" Taemin begged, "I'm not guilty I swear!" But the officers were having none of it. "I'm Lee Taemin from SHINee!" Taemin said trying to shake off the disguise. They raised an eyebrow at him as if to say 'Yeah right'. 

Taemin begged all the way to the prison. "I'm too young to be locked up!" 

"Well you should of thought of this before hand." The officer grunted. 

"I didn't steal anything!" Taemin cried out. He just wanted to go back to the studio. With his other group members. The police car stopped and the officers got out. Moments later the door next to Taemin opened, letting in a gust of wind that brushed at Taemin's cheeks. He shuddered as they grabbed him and yanked him out of the police car. They walked him inside. 

Giving up Taemin didn't speak a word, his only hope now was that he could get someone to see that he really was Lee Taemin. He sniffled as they walked inside. The other policemen and women gave him dirty looks as he walked in, he just kept his head low.

His handcuffs were removed and he was shoved into a cell. He sat on the hard metal bed and looked up at the officer with pleading eyes.

"Please believe--" 

"Save it for the trial!" The officer snapped and looked at his watch. "You will be allowed food in less than 10 minutes." The officer looked up and shook his head at the young boy before leaving. Taemin didn't even bother to get up, as much as his butt was already hurting from the hard metal, he just couldn't get himself to stand.

He pushed himself so his back touched the wall, he lifted his legs up and wrapped his arms around them, he pushed his head into his legs and stayed like that. He let any tears he had in him come out. 

"Yah! Boy!" He heard a grumpy voice break the silence. He looked up with red puffy eyes. He saw it was some old lady with a tray of food for him. He walked over slowly and reached out for it with shaking hands. The woman looked at him confused but handed him the food anyway. He bowed his head respectfully.

"Gamsahabnida..." He muttered. The woman looked shocked.

"What did you say?" She asked, astonished by his manners. He looked up innocently.

"Gamsahabnida?" He repeated, almost inaudiable, she just stared at him for a moment or two before carrying on to the next cells.

What was wrong with me using manners? Taemin wondered.

He looked at the food on his plate. It had a dollop of who knows what, it was in sections so the food wouldn't mix, but if it did, it would probably look ten times worse than it was now. He dipped a finger into the potato looking substance and gagged at the noise it made. He lifted the food to his nose and sniffed it. It smelt like butter so slowly he placed it on his tongue. 

It tasted watery so he spat it straight out, it landed on the floor a few centimetres from the bed. He gagged again trying to spit out the rest. Prison food was not nice. The other substances didn't look half as good as the potato type dollop. He groaned and pushed it away. He looked around, exploring the room with his eyes.

There was another bed, a toilet, a sink and some chalk. He walked over to the chalk picking it up. He smiled and started to sketch the members of SHINee. He finished Onew's face and named it Onew. He grinned and moved onto the second oldest, Jonghyun. By the time he had done all four of the other members he remembered he had his phone the whole time. He grinned happily as he pulled it out of his pocket. 

He unlocked the phone and scrolled down his contacts to find 'O' for Onew. As soon as he clicked on contacts he heard a shout, it made him jump and his phone fell to the ground.

"Is that a phone?" The voice growled. Taemin turned wide-eyed to see the same officer that put him in here.

"Y-yes.." Taemin muttered. The officer held out his hand for the phone. Taemin picked up his phone and walked slowly to the officer. He gave it to him.

"There's no signal in here anyway." The officer smirked, putting it in his back pocket. Taemin cast his eyes downwards. "Come, it's time for the trial." Taemin looked up with his mouth in the shape of an 'O' he held back the tears in his throat and walked to the door. The officer gripped tightly on Taemin's  skinny arms, he was so nervous. He was hoping he could be released. After all he did nothing. 

The officer frowned at the prison wall, where the drawings were. Taemin bit his lip anxciously as the officer slowly coaxed him along the grey corridoors.

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