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It was striped. Red and yellow thick stripes that made your eyes crinkle at the sight of it. It was huge. Not as huge as Ryerson University, but it came close, with it's wicker basket and protruding bubble of self tragedy. I could almost see myself falling into the white abyss, the clouds but an inch away yet so far from my para sailing hands. 

"No way. No goddamn way, Justin."

A hot air balloon. A gigantic, colossal hot air balloon that casted a blanket of shadow across the sand. 

"I know you're afraid of heights," he mumbled gently, his chiveled palms resting on my exposed shoulders. I could feel every band aid on his fingers and every bump in his hands that came with holding a microphone so tightly. "But I want you to conquer your fears. I want you to trust me."

"Why is it that I'm the only one sacrificing? Why am I the only one putting myself out there and trusting you?" I sharply replied, shrugging off his shoulder clumsily.

"I'm fearless so.. I don't know what I would sacrifice. And I trust you." He smirked, his lean fingertips raveling around my waist. "Don't you ever wonder what it's like seeing the world from above?"

"No," I mumbled grumpily, the sensation of his fingertips rubbing soft circles into my side making my eyelids tremble. 

"Why are you afraid of heights anyway?" Justin casually leaned against the wicker basket, curiosity smeared across his perplex features.

"I got stuck on a Ferris wheel with Ryan and Chaz. They shook the cart," I mumbled through my teeth, the memory reinacting right in front of my eyes.


"Stop! Don't shake the cart you dimwhits!" I screamed rapidly, holding onto the rusted bar that if tested would probably not save me from falling.

"Let loose, Parv, feel the breeze on your face." Chaz uttered, rocking back and forth while his hair flapped on his forehead.

"I'm going to dieI'm going to die."

Flashback Over

"I can't believe I'm doing this. Are we flying? Is it high? Am I dead yet?"

"Open your eyes," a gruffed laugh that made my stomach expand with butterflies made my eyes flick open, my fingertips shielding but his white v-neck where freckles sprinkled across his chest.

"Oh my god!" My knees wobbled, my fingers scraping into the skin of my face. "Why do you make me do this stuff?"

"So when we get married we can ride off in a balloon rather than a limo," he joked.

Joked. He joked. And yet somehow my knee's weren't buckling from the contact of the wind that jolted around me. It was because of the words that teasingly floated from his mouth. Simple words that made an impact on me more than heights itself. Simple words that were so easy to come out of his mouth and meant so much more to me.

You have a crush on him, I thought. An impossible crush that will never be fulfilled because he lives a hectic life and your best friend is a cat.

Oh, the irony of living the life of loneliness. 

"What's your dream guy?" Justin asked humorously, seriousness traced in his golden mahogany eyes that looked somehow hazel under the light of the TV screen. 

"He's got to like cats," I replied, popcorn overflowing my mouth. Gazing over at him through my peripheral vision, I noticed a small smirk on his face. "Do you like cats?"

"I love them."

And suddenly all ridicule had fallen off of his face and all that blared throughout the room was the movie that played in the background. 

"I imagined you a dog kind of guy," I flirted hopelessly. You don't even know what flirting means, I teased.

"Suddenly I've gotten to like cats a little more.." he whispered, staring into my eyes with a gaze that made my toes curl out of awe. 


Justin watched as she slept, a prickle of drool hanging over her lip adorably. Her hair spread out across the pillow like a crime scene, a deep mahogany casted over cinnamon pillowcases. She was beautiful, flushed and snoring while her eyelids would twitch ever so often when he'd move. He traced his fingertip down her cheek, hopeless against the deepening roar of his heart when she whispered his name in her sleep. 

Nine days. Nine days until this all went away and all he had left was a stage and a microphone and screams that were louder than his thumping heartbeat. Eight days before Parvati Hope Jones would come to terms with love and nine days before her biggest fear isn't heights anymore. 

On day twenty one, Parvati dreads the future and Justin dreads the past that he has to come back too. A past that doesn't involve the curvy, brown haired blue eyed cat lover that always had her hair in a bun. 

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