Kidnapped 39- A Reappearance

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Mary held the knife out to Kenta,
"Finish yourself off."
She said evilly.

Mary disappeared into the distance, her voice lingered behind as if she was behind you whispering in your ear.

"He's going to die the same way Yuki did, but there's one difference. No matter how many times you bite him he'll never turn..."

Kenta sat next to Hayate. He was fading in and out of consciousness. The smell of flood lingered under Tohru, Yuki and Kyo's noses.

Kenta was crying along with Hayate.

"You've been my partner for some time...and I hated you. I never pictured myself crying over you."
Kenta said while hiccuping.

Hayate faintly smiled and motioned for Tohru to come to him.

Tohru kneeled next to him and looked deep into his eyes trying to see the last bit of life he had in his body.

Hayate held up a hand and held them to her eyes,

"You'll be the as g..ho..sts."

Hayate gave every power and once of strength he had to Tohru making him even weaker.

"Tohru..I know I said I hated you. I was just jealous of your life I guess." Hayate fought the words out of his mouth.

"Mine wasn't good..though."

"It was better than mine."

Tohru smiled,
"Thanks Hayate..."

Hayate's breathing became slower and his eyes shut softly. The last emotion he had on his face was happiness. He was able to leave this world knowing he was free.

Kenta panicked,
"It's my turn.."

When Tohru turned to talk to Kenta she saw him kneeling on the floor. His eyes were shut tightly and his hands were over his ears.

"My it's splitting."

Yuki was interested,
"It's like she made you into a human bomb. Like you'll self destruct at any time."

Kenta opened his eyes and stared at the bloody knife in his hand. He held it toward Tohru with the handle facing her.

"Please do this...put me out of my misery. If anyone's going to do this I want you to."

Tohru took the knife in her shaky hands and tossed it aside.

"A knife brings too much pain. We need something else."

"Quick we need a gun before he dies." Kyo announced coming out from the house.

Shigure's eyes lit up and he opened up a closet and came outside with a gun in hand.

"I've been saving this for an emergency...and this is a major one."

Shigure handed Tohru the gun and her hand wasn't prepared for the weight.

"It's heavier than I'd thought it'd be."

Kenta shook nervously at the sight of the gun,
"J-Just do it."

Tohru tried to figure out the gun.


Tohru was quickly silenced when she saw Hayate's spirit standing behind Kenta.

"He really did give me his abilities..."

Tohru spoke aloud without realizing it.

"Tohru we have no time for this. Kenta is-"

Yuki screamed when he saw Kenta already dead on the ground.

Tohru was speechless when she saw two boys walking together side by side. They held hands tightly and walked down the path into the forest.

That's probably where it all began.


Kyo cried into his hands as he screamed.


"Do you think Tohru will be okay, Hayate?"

"Probably...I guess she'll learn to accept it, Kenta."

Hayate tugged on Kenta's hand and they walked into a different direction.

"Where are we going?"

Kenta was confused.

"We're going somewhere happy. Where we can be free."

"What about Tohru?"

"She'll be fine Kenta."


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