Chapter 17

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Khushi watched Arnav emerge from the bathroom with only a towel tied around his waist. For the millionth time, she ogled at his fantastically ripped physique. She probably wouldn't ever get tired of watching him. Or of loving him. As she sat on the bed, painting her toenails, she marveled at how far they had come in just last month. From being novices to experts on each other's body in the sex department. The things they had tried in bed, things they have done to each other, the number of times they have done them; if she hadn't known it firsthand it would have been impossible for her to believe that they both were virgins just four weeks back. To be fair, they did practice a lot. A lot.

Arnav dropped the towel. Khushi promptly forgot the task at hand.

Arnav smirked at her.

She rolled her eyes.

While she loved molesting him with her eyes, she loved this intimacy between them more. An intimacy that wasn't limited to their time in bed. An intimacy that not only involved seeing him in a state of undress but of watching him dress up too. Of having a routine of their own. Of simply cuddling like two spoons in a cutlery drawer. Of finding her knickknacks lying on the bathroom counter next to his colognes and shaving creams. Of overcoming the strangeness of seeing a few of her clothes that she had moved to his apartment hung along with his in the closet. Of knowing the reason that all his business files ended up on the kitchen island was so he can talk to her while she cooked. At least partially. Because a lot of groping and kissing happened there too. Which generally culminated with them both in the bed.

The bed that hadn't been put to a good use since last three days.

Her monthly flow had arrived three days back, temporary curtailing their amorous activities. She had somewhat resented this monthly occurrence this time. But Arnav had resented the mother of all resentments out of it. She had never seen the controlled man so grim and well, resentful, ever. And it wasn't because they couldn't make love, but because it meant no pregnancy. Arnav had somehow convinced himself in the last month that all the unsafe sex was surely going to result in a baby. And when it hadn't, he had received the news like a ton of bricks falling on his head. She tried to explain it to him that not everyone is lucky to conceive on the first go. That sometimes people have to try a whole year before getting lucky. That most probably they weren't one of those ultra fertile couples. But his mood had stayed sullen for the rest of the day. He was behaving like she had miscarried instead of not having a baby inside her, to begin with.

He had looked so vulnerable at their incapability to create a child, that she hadn't had the heart to argue with him. But to be truthful, she had been on the fence with the baby idea. 

Yes, she had agreed to the idea. Yes, she understood that baby will finalize certain long overdue decisions. She also accepted that baby would be the strongest tie between them that one could hope for. So she wasn't doing anything to avoid or delay the conception, but she wasn't very eager for it either. Her heart wasn't totally into it. She wanted to show Arnav that she was his, without a baby too. And she had been trying her damnest since the last month to assure him of this. It was beyond her why Arnav was still so fixated on a child. Though he had come around by the next day, kind of, he wasn't behaving like himself. She had brains enough to deduce that something very important was compelling Arnav to want to tie her with himself. What? She had no idea. But it didn't matter. No matter what, she was not going to leave him. They will marry and they will have babies and they will live their lives.

After a lot of thought, she had decided to take a stand with her brother. She was incapable of living without Arnav. High time bhaiya lets go of his pointless animosity. And if not, he will have to let her go. Everyone got hurt in that debacle. If he lost mumma, Arnav lost his mother too. No loss was greater than the other. They can argue over it until the end of the time and still, it would be a fruitless discussion. She refuses to waste her life on it anymore.

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