Get outta my head, badboy ch.3

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Today, It was Monday again. whoopy-doo.

I slumped out of bed and walked to the kitchen. there I came across my sister "wow, you look scary!" she greeted me with, referring to my hair. "Thanks kiddo." I said in sarcasm as I rolled my eyes at her. she looked back at me and growled "I'm not a kid, I'm a big girl now! I have boobs!" haha. I giggled at her thoughts and replied with "not like these bad boys!" referring to my boobs and laughing at her disgusted reaction.

God, I do love annoying becky! mum joined us and asked in a way that sort of said that she didn't want the answer "what are you idiots on about?" I giggled at my mums comment and simply said "you don't wanna know!" my mum laughed back at my comment and then gave us a fake 'scared' look.

My mum asked me, worried, changing the subject "so, how did it go with your dad?" Yano mum, I forgot that happened, I finally had humour to start to overcome it but no, you bring it up. "it was alright." I lied.

My mum smiled at me genuinely and I half smiled back. I ate my toast and tea and then went back upstairs to get ready. I did my usual routine but today I wore a marvel top and some light blue skinny jeans which I paired with my faded red converse. I threw on my black hoodie aswell. then I tied my hair into a messy bun and walked out the door with my bag. I reached my car and began to drive to school...


I entered hell as i walked through the huge double doors. god I hate school. I went to my form and did the usual things I do in school!


It was now lunch time and to be honest, I feel bad for Alex as she's had to put up with my emotion and sadness that Wouldn't go away. and to make it even worse, after I've eaten, I need to go and get my maths textbook from my locker. god, I hope he isn't there! and no, I'm not saying that stupid name!


I finished my lunch and headed to my locker alone because me and Alex didn't have next class together so she had to get her things from her locker which was on the other side of the school. thanks locker assigner, you've done me proud. note the sarcasm!

I turned the corner and made a glance at my locker and guess what. he was there. oh great!

I reached my locker and went straight into it, careful not to make eye contact with the vicious creature that was on my right. he soon picked up that I was there and out the corner of my eye, I saw that evil grin drop into a sad frown.

"I'm sorry Danielle" he tried to talk to me. just ignore him dani! "I know you're ignoring me and it's your choice to do that but please hear me out!" he pleaded. no. I'm not as easy as your other slags!

"Whatever." he said as he turned and walked away. in his tone he actually sounded like he cared that I was upset. Bless him! well maybe I shouldn't be so stupid to ignore him, maybe I should just let the boy speak?

Next lesson, surprise surprise was with Jordan. It was English. dayum. I don't hate a lot of things (well I do) but one thing I really hate is English. it's so, annoying.

I entered the class and went to sit in my seat which was of course near Jordan... why does it have to be me that this happens to?!

I sat down in the desk, my usual desk which was on Jordan's left and got out my books. Jordan occasionally glanced at me and he looked so upset. It crushed me to think that I could hurt and effect someone so much! oh, I feel so bad!

"This row, look to the person on your left." the teacher started as she spoke to Jordan's row. oh no, I was on his left!

"That is your partner for the next week of lessons!" she added. ah shit!

She told the other few people who they'd be with and then explained the task. "you and your partner will be given a famous author and you will have to make a presentation on that person. get started!"

Jordan pulled his desk close up to mine and we sat there in silence for what felt like a decade. then we were given our sheet and it said 'George Orwell' on it. okay, this guy.

We started talking about the author (because we had to.) then Jordan came out with it... "Hear me out, please?" I looked to him. his usual shiny eyes lost that beautiful spark they normally had. instead of happiness, they were filled with cold and empty sadness. I had to let him explain... didn't i?!

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