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     At exactly four o'clock in the morning, an alarm started blasting throughout the barracks. Kids started groaning, teens started waking up, and the adults were already dressed in their gear. I grabbed my glasses to see what the adults were wearing, but by the time I got up, they had left. I looked around my barrack, trying to ignore the alarm and find my friends or someone that I know. I turned around to find my friend, Durva stepping out of her bed. Her hair is a mess and I try to contain at least some of my joy and happiness for finding her in the bunk next to me. I pull her out of her bunk and her her towards the exit where everyone is going. 

     As we step out into the hallway, the alarm shuts off, causing a reaction of relief from everyone here. Towards the end of the hall, people start slowing down and going into multiple different directions. I search for a clock, to see what the time is, when I find another one of my friends. 

    "Shivangi! Over here!" I yell at my friend and wave her down, while she turns towards me and smiles. She started walking towards us until another alarm starts beeping. The alarm is louder than the last one, and comes alongside with red flashing lights. I run towards Shivangi, pulling Durva with me, and walk towards where the other kids are going. I keep walking with the group until I see Mr. Grey, who waves us down. I go towards him and he smiles. How on Earth is he smiling when these alarms are going off? 

     "Glad you could make it on time." He looks down at the watch on his wrist and smiles. "Before time actually, but being early has never hurt anyone." He glances at Shivangi and Durva and his smile widens. "Ah, so you have found some of your friends! Great! That will make testing much more easier than if it were just us." Shivangi groans at the word "test" and Durva elbows me when she hears "if it were just us". I smack Durva's elbow away and glare at her, but she just returns the gesture by wiggling her eyebrows. Mr. Grey leads the way down multiple hallways until we reach a large door.

     Mr. Grey presses his hand into a control panel on the side of the door, and immediately the door opens and he gestures for us to go through it. On the other side of the door, Durva pulls me away and asks, "How old do you think he is? Cause' he looks just like my type. Like there is a certain age I will stop at, but he doesn't seems to be close to that age." Durva giggles and I roll my eyes. "Mr.Grey" had to be at least sixteen, maybe seventeen. He could have probably gone to our local highschool and fit right in. Mr. Grey leads the way and we follow staring at everything in awe as we pass.

     There were multiple glass rooms along the side where you could see people using their powers and fighting each other, some using metal and bending it off of the wall as a shield, some people becoming invisible to hide from their enemy and sneak up behind them, and my favorite, someone using their super strength to knock their opponent out in one punch. Most of the people fighting were wearing the suits that I saw some adults wearing this morning. The suits were primarily black, with white lining down the sides of the suits and silver separating the white and the black. On one of the shoulders of the suit was an icon, most likely representing what power the person held. A fire emblem, water emblem, flexing arm, needle and syringe, Mercury's shoe, a lightning bold, etc. It was actually pretty cool. I glanced at Durva and she smiled, but when I looked at Shivangi she seemed worried. 

     Shivangi turned to Mr. Grey and cleared her throat. "So, what is all this for? Doesn't this seem unnecessary. Like, you clearly have people who know how to fight and use their powers, so why are we here?" Mr. Grey turned around to look at her, then looked up as if he was pondering the answer to her questions. 

     "Well, first off, this is all because o-" He started off, but was interuppted by Durva.

     "Wait, wait, wait, wait. Before all of that..."  She waved her hand towards Shivangi who glared at her. "What should we call you? Like, what's your name, or your favorite color, or your sign, or y-"

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