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    An alarm blared, sending a jolt of panic all throughout my body. I shot up out of my bed and looked around the dorm room I was sent to last night. The room was filled with guards, shaking people awake, but unseen through the darkness of the room and their outfits. I glanced around the barrack, squinting through the darkness, and saw people beginning to leave. I jumped off of my bunk and stepped out of the room. The alar continued to blare, now with red sirens going off in the hallway, illuminating everyone's shadow. I felt a touch on my shoulder and quickly turned around. My friend, Durva, smiled at me and pulled me aside.

"Oh my god, Asia. I'm so glad you're here." She said, squeakily. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, her long black hair messy and dark bags under her light brown skin. She smiled again and continued talking.

"I haven't been able to find anyone else. I was legit so alone, but now we have to stay together." I sighed and looked at the hallway, guards and mutants passing us. One guard glanced at us and Durva waved at him. He scowled and told us to continue walking. I glared at Durva and pulled her along with me into the line. The alarm quickly shut off and everyone gave a sigh of relief.

As we reached the end of the hallway, we stepped through the door into the cafeteria. I looked around, with Durva behind me, and glanced at the large facility. The cafeteria was large, spanning over three complete floors. In the middle of the room was a gaping hole, about 10 feet. The hole was surrounded with tall rails, connecting with the top of the other floor. Looking through the hole, other floors could be seen, as if we were in a mall. I laughed at the thought and looked at Durva. Durva raised an eyebrow and smiled, hitting me on my shoulder. I turned around and slapped her shoulder and continued walking.

I looked around, searching for a clock, when I bumped into someone. I apologized and looked at them, and began to smile.

"Shivangi!" I gave her a hug and she sighed in relief. She smiled at me, then caught a glance of Durva and sighed. Durva laughed and joined in our hug, causing both Shivangi and me to try to wiggle out of her grasp. We begin walking to the line for food when another alarm, even louder than the last, goes off. I groan and look around, seeing people groggily get up from their tables and file out of the cafeteria. Shivangi pulls me and Durva out of the cafeteria. We follow all the other mutants until we see Mr. Grey, who waves us down. Shivangi stops and heads over to him, and I try my hardest to stop her. He smiles when we reach him, completely ignoring the sirens going off.

"Glad you could make it on time." He looks down at his wrist, eyeing his watch, and smiles. "Before time actually but being early has never hurt anyone." He glanced at Shivangi and Durva and his smile widened. "Ah, so you've found some of your friends. Great. That'll will make testing much easier than if it were just us." Shivangi groaned and Durva elbowed me, continually raising her eyebrows. I smack Durva's elbow and glare at her, but she returns the gesture by wiggling her eyebrows and giggling. Mr. Grey led the way down multiple hallways until we reached a large door.

Mr. Grey pressed his hand into a dark grey control panel on the side of the door, and simultaneously, the door shot open. He gestured for us to follow him as he stepped through the door and we did. On the other side of the door, before we could reach our destination, Durva pulled me aside.

"How old do you think he is? Cause' he looks just like my type. Like there is a certain age I will stop at, but he doesn't seem to be close to that age. Like he seems like twenty at the most." Durva giggled and I rolled my eyes.

"Mr. Grey has to be like eighteen, at the least seventeen." I whispered to her, as we continued to walk to Shivangi and Mr. Grey.

"So, he's the perfect age? Is that what you're telling me, Asia?" She smiled and stopped walking.

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