#2 Give Every Character a Through-Line

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This is an offshoot of the old tip, “If you put a gun in the beginning of your story, it better go off by the end!”

If you write detailed characters in the beginning of your book, make sure you don’t abandon them in the later chapters! Minor characters should serve a clear purpose in the life of your protagonist. If they don’t have any affect on your main character, then they probably need to be cut from the story.

Every major character should contribute to the climax in some way. They don’t have to be present in the last scene, but their influence should be felt by both the reader and the protagonist.

Here’s a great trick if you’re stuck on a later chapter. Think about all the bit players sprinkled throughout your story. Is there a way to bring them back with a renewed purpose as if all of their previous conversations with the protagonist were culminating into this one moment? If you use this trick, make sure you return to the minor character’s previous scenes to foreshadow their epic return!

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