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"Mommy, can we sleep in the fort?" Jongup's mother smiled lovingly at her son and shook her head.

"The fort will be there in the morning. Your bed is where you sleep, love. Get changed into your pj's with Himchan and get to bed. There's a big day tomorrow." Jongup smiled his bunny smile and nodded. His mother always told him there would be a "big day tomorrow" even though nothing special would happen. It was a way to help Jongup stay positive.

"Himchan hyung! I mean, Channie! We gotta get ready for bed." Himchan went through his bag that his mother brought him earlier and found his pj's. It was a red sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Himchan looked over at Jongup who was in the process of taking off his shirt.

"Yah! Turn around!"

"Why, Channie?"

"Cause I'm scared of what you gonna say about me..."

"Oh... I think you're pretty just the way you are!"

"Hey I'm not pretty. Only girls are pretty, Uppie."

"Well even though you're a boy, you're pretty to me."

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