#7 Take Criticism Seriously, But Not Too Seriously

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When someone offers me advice on my work, I only consider it for one of two reasons:

1. They convince me completely.

2. Other readers are saying the same thing.

If my best friend reads my work and strongly suggests that I remove my very favorite ending, I'll thank him for his advice, but I probably won't make the change. If my girlfriend reads my novel and tells me I need to change my brilliant ending, I still won't change it. If my Mom and my professor and my cousin have the exact same critique... then it's time for me to admit that I did something wrong.

Not everybody is going to love everything about your book. If you start changing things to fit what people want, you'll lose your voice. However, you can't afford to stay hard-headed if the same advice is coming from multiple readers. If it is, you need to open yourself to making difficult changes. 

Chances are that--in the end--you'll realize your readers were right.


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