Chapter One: Money Talks

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Chapter One: Money Talks

My aqua blue flats skidded up the jet’s steps as a made my way up. Panting and grunting, I lugged my giant puke green suitcase up the steps. The flight attendant did nothing as he watched me suffer. Asshole.

“ Need some help with that Miss? “ the attendant asked at the exact moment that I finished thrusting my suitcase up.

I plastered on a Splenda sweet smile, “Nope, Thanks for the generous offer though!”

I let the sarcasm sink in for a minute, before I started to push my crap further inside the jet. Lanning had not been kidding when she said she had a job in mind for me. After claiming her ominous statement, a thick layer of silence had filled the conference room.

She paused for a moment, obviously enjoying the way she had the entire meeting wrapped around her manicured finger.

“Something like…Joshua Lachowski.”

The entire place cringed when she said his name and I didn’t miss the sly yet petrified stares that were sent across the room.

“Is that, or he, bad?” I could feel my nose scrunching up with confusion making my eyes ten times smaller.

Lanning chuckled and winked throwing my words back at me, “Oh! Well according to your resume you can handle him and much more.”

It finally hit me, Lanning saw me as a threat.

Me, the flimsy 20 year old nerd. Later I would find out that the Silicone Bitch didn’t even have a degree or a brain. At that moment I had been completely unaware.

“You see, I’m giving you an amazing opportunity! You’ll have the pleasure to manage and assist the world’s top male model. It will be just like being a secretary except with benefits. Just keep our little Joshua in line, have him looking perfect for his photo shoots, and get him where he has to be when he has to be there. The traveling and luxury are added benefits. I don’t have to mention the eighty grand a year now do I?” Her eyes narrowed into little slits and a smirk crept up her face when she finished. 

Eighty Grand a year? I thought of all the boxes of Ramen noodles I could buy, but most importantly how I wouldn't even have to see or buy another box of noodles ever again.Obviously, Money had the power to speak and so did I.

“Ok!” I piped up in awe.

Lenning’s evil laugh and the pitiful stairs I got from the rest of the group should have been warning enough. Could you blame me for being blinded by the money signs?

That afternoon , I did what any rational person would do. That is, I googled the shit out of Joshua Lachowski. Drugs, DUI’s, partying, disappearances, irresponsibility, and overall carelessness were evident in every article that popped up. I was really regretting accepting the job that night before I went to bed, but I was not going to lose eighty grand a year because of some reckless and conceited male model. Nope, I knew what I had to do, and that was keep Joshua Lachowski in line even if it killed me.

I remembered how I internally cringed when I read Lenning’s E-mail the week later. Flying to Paris to escort Lachowski would be my first job, and I was already pigging out on sweets.

Along with my attitude problem, I was also a nervous eater. The dumb habit started during my junior and senior year of high school. Every time I had to take a test such as the Accuplacer or some shit, I had the irresistible urge to eat.  I had 3 cakes and two tubs of ice cream the day I took my SAT.

An hour before I had to get on the jet I scarfed down a whole order of Chow Mein. I had the chopsticks to prove it in my back pocket.

Wiping the sweat and strands of hair from my face, I finally made it to the main section.

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