hi my name is Emily. I am currently 18 years old as of yesterday. But did anybody congratulate me? NO. Why because I am a disgrace to my Pack. Why you may ask? Well I am weak, ugly and overweight.

My mom always says i wasn't supposed to be born. That I was a mistake. But i know that someday all will change.

But not when I find my Mate. Because lets face it, he will reject me as soon as he finds out I am his Mate...

so here I am on the day after my 18th birthday getting ready for school.

Before i leave my room to go downstairs i listen to any heartbeats to find out if anybody is still here. But no, they left me alone again. they never wake me up. They never eat breakfast with me. They weren't there when i had my first shift. Which i barely survived. But since the night on my twelfth birthday my wolf isn't able to speak with me anymore, because normally there has to be a family member with you.

Well i waited the whole night for someone, anyone of my family to come but noone did. So the shift hurt so much it broke my wolf. i can still shift but then again it hurts like a bitch.

There is only one way for my wolf to heal properly. Which is finding my Mate and him marking me. Like thats ever going to happen.

As I walk out of my room and head downstairs i walk into the kitchen seeing that there was nothing eatable here for me. again.

Why do they hate me so much?


On my way to school i could hear the other kids who were driving by, throwing insults at me. This has been happening all my life. You might think that I am used to it by now. Well you're wrong it still hurts like hell.

Especially when your family is in the front row insulting you.

With a sigh I enter the school grounds, and the whispering begins...

"FATCOW", "PLANET FATTY-O", "BASTARD" this is all they ever scream at me. i wonder if they even know my name. Hmm, good question.

ignoring them and the tears in my eyes i walk into the school and towards my locker. reaching it i pull it open only to be thrown at with some kind dirt. when i turned around everyone was looking at me. then one person cracked and they started laughing.

"Man, bro that was amazing", said my brother Keith to our soon to be Alpha Jakeson "happy belateth birthday." and aigain everyone was laughing again.

and yeah Jakesons birthday was yesterday, too.

Looking at them a can see that Jakeson isn't laughing with them but shaking in anger.

Keaith realised it and put a hand on his shoulder trying to calm him down. but Jakeson pushed it of him and looked back at me.

"YOU" he bellowed and came stalking towards me. he grabs my arm roughly dragging me outside to the woods.

Hmm. will he finally kill me now like he threatened to do? No. I am not scared. Of what? Ending the life i never wanted anyway? *snort*

Once we reached the heart of the woods, Jakeson fell on his knees with tears in his eyes, threatening to spill.

And the next thing i know he is hugging me crying into my shirt.

"Forgive me. Please, please, please forgive me baby." he kept on sobbing.

And all i could think about was 'Is he talking to me?' so when i din't say anything he looked at me and i could only shoot him a weird questioning look.

"You don't know"? he asked irritated.


Alright i hope this story goes better than the other one. i have a good feeling about it.

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thanks and lots of love, D.

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