Charlotte POV

I woke up in a soft king-sized bed with Egyptian cotton pillows and a plushy blanket. I still had my negligee on, thankfully. It must have been 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Aiden was at the foot of my bed in a leather chair. He looks so handsome in his black suit I thought. I rose up from my bed and looked at him. "Good morning, kitten" Aiden winked. His demenor was better than the previous night. "Did you-?" "No." His voice was firm. "I didn't touch you. Lord knows how I wanted to." I scanned the room to look for an escape. "There are armed men in every room. No one will ever let you out." Shit! I was too obvious. Aiden came closer and sat on the bed, adjacent to myself. "Look, I know that you are scared and that you probably hate me for taking you. You have to understand where I'm coming from." What? "When I saw you, I knew you were the one for me. Your beauty, your generosity, your love was so pure. I needed that. You calm me. You calm the beast I have within me." Aiden continued to lean inwards. His face was close to mine. His minty breath stinged my lips and neck. His eyes were so beautifully tinted with light brown and a dash of hazel. A beautiful combination. He grabbed my face and pulled me close. I whimpered in fear. "Don't be scared. You can't act like this on our wedding day." His lips found my sweet spot. My weakness. His tongue slid up and down my neck and began to suck my neck. Wait, did he say 'wedding day'? I pushed him away and yelled, "What the hell do you mean, 'wedding day'? I'm not going to marry you, you perverted son-of-a-bitch!" His demeanor immediately changed. His sweet and romantic side disappeared. His hand flew towards my face and delivered a slap, which echoed in the room. "Don't you ever speak to me like that!" Tears rolled down my face and onto the bed. Aiden turned me over on my back and pinned me down. "No, please Aiden I'm sorry. Don't rape me please." I whispered. "I'm gonna take your virginity tomorrow night. We'll be married by the morning." Aiden kissed my neck and began to grab my hair. "Tomorrow, I'll show you what happens when a sex slave disobeys her master. You'll be begging for death after I'm done with you." Aiden kissed my neck and rose from the bed.  He left me locked in the room. Not more than 15 minutes later, servants began to come in my room with packages from Tiffany's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Apple, a gift basket with bath soap, spray and cream from Bath and Body Works and even Prada. The maid handed me a small box with a small bow. I opened the box carefully and saw a set of keys. The keys were for a new Mercedes-Benz. "He loves you very much, miss. Tomorrow, we'll give you your wedding dress." The wedding. The one thing I'm not looking forward to. "I'll draw you a bath, miss." The older female servant proceeded to my bathroom and filled run with warm water and placed on some music with my new I-Phone on top of a speaker that Aiden bought me. Bocelli. How did he know? The maid threw in a bath bomb, which released an apple scent. The color of the water became a pink color with bubbles. "My name is Magda, miss. I'll be outside if you need me." Immediately, I stripped naked and went into the tub. The water felt so warm and soothing. The music made me smile, only just for a brief moment until I heard Magda. "Sir, please she's bathing!" "Magda, I'll bathe her. I need to start anyway since I'll be her husband tomorrow. Go take these $700 and buy yourself something nice for the wedding tomorrow." Magda let out a huff and walked away. The door opened slowly to reveal Aiden in a black tank top, which emphasized his defined biceps and mouth-watering chest and he had on only boxers. Oh shit, I want to hang onto those. "You like what you see, baby?" Aiden asked seductively. "No. You disgust me." I frowned. Secretly, he looked so damn hot. Aiden grabbed a loofa sponge and began to scrub my back. His finger trailed up and down my back. His touch was so peaceful and warm. "Okay, my princess. It's time for a full bath. I want that hair shining tomorrow." The water began to drain. I was afraid of Aiden seeing me naked so I stayed in the tub. "Stand up." His voice ordered. I did. His lustful eyes stared at my wet breasts. His hands pulled me closer to him. "Hmm, soon this will be mine only." His erection was pressing against my thigh. "Baby, after tomorrow, you won't walk for days. I'll fuck you so hard, you'll want more pain and torture." I got the courage to ask him, "Are you into BDSM?" "Yes, kitten." He replied with a smile. "I have a playroom for us already." His tongue licked my neck and made its way towards my breasts. "So big and supple. I'll enjoy playing with these." He whispered. "I'll leave you alone to shower. Dinner will be here in your room and I'll see you at 11 tomorrow." Aiden slapped my ass. "Oh!" I yelled. Aiden slapped again on each cheek. "Oh, I'll have so much fun with you, kitten." Aiden blew a kiss at me and walked away. I finished showering, feeling somewhat happy and weirded out. The day seemed to pass. It was already 7:45. Dinner was brought, which consisted of a cherry Pepsi along with bbq ribs, slathered with bbq sauce, mashed potatoes and sweet yellow corn. I ate rather slow, savoring every bite. I finished eating and went back to blow dry my hair and put some cream on my face and my legs. After an hour of finishing up, I snuggled into bed, dressed in my black negligee. I reclined the bed and began to sleep peacefully. Faintly, I could hear the door creak open.

Aiden POV 

I saw my princess was asleep. I just took my medication and the voice subsided. I couldn't wait to see her in that beautiful wedding dress I bought for her. I walked over to her bed and got in with her. I held her close and kissed her head. We slept peacefully, together.

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