We won. The teams were tied, but our team scored the last touchdown right before the clock hit 00:01. Lisa, Trevor, Zane and I were freezing. We were sitting on the cold, metal bleachers, wrapped in blankets, an empty thermos in each of our hands. “Let’s go!” I begged Trevor through chattering teeth as soon as the game ended. He agreed easily and in a matter of seconds we were back in the warm car. Everyone was happy about our win, but was too cold to show it. I looked at the clock on the dashboard and sighed in exasperation when I saw that it was only seven forty. I was hoping the game would go too long for me to make it back in time. I guess that was a bit unrealistic.  

We pulled up at my house five minutes later. Trevor kissed me softly making my stomach churn with guilt. “Bye,” I muttered quickly and headed for my house trying to feel better about lying to him. But after tonight I wouldn’t be engaged anyways. My shoulders sagged in relief when the warmth of my house hit me. Mom looked up from where she had been arranging the pillows on the couch and smiled at me.

“Oh good, you’re back. Why don’t you take a warm shower and get changed then come back downstairs?” She asked. I nodded, smiling at the thought of a warm shower.

“Okay,” I agreed, “I’ll be back in about ten minutes.” I didn’t get my hair wet when I showered so it would still fall straight. Then I got changed, not into the dress Mom left for me on my bed, but into something else, something that would hopefully scare away my in-laws-to-be.

I ended up in a black and red dress with a black jacket. I redid my make-up even darker and I put on a dark red lipstick. I smiled at my appearance and walked downstairs; Mom was pulling on a jacket. When she saw my clothes and make-up she frowned.

“Dakota what are you wearing?” She asked with annoyance.

“Clothes,” I said, smiling innocently.

“Please go change before they get here,” She begged as the doorbell rang. Macy brushed past us and pulled open the door, her eyes went wide and she opened the door further. I knelt down to put on my boots, shielding my face with my hair and delaying the meeting.

“Come in,” My mom told them and I finally looked up. Three people walked in, but I was only looking at one of them. The man in the middle, the one with black hair, pale skin and familiar blue eyes.

“Mr. Andrews?”

I asked at the same time he asked, “Dakota?” Instantly I realized he was supposed to be my fiancé; I felt sick to my stomach.

“You know each other?” The man whom I was guessing was Sean, asked.

Mr. Andrews nodded with a grimace, “We’ve met. Please tell me she has an older sister or cousin or anyone else that I’m marrying.”

 “No, this is your bride to-be,” Mom said, pulling me to my feet.

“Seriously, of all the people in the world, he’s my fiancé?” I asked incredulously. I saw his eyes flicker down to my exposed legs, but they flitted back up to my face as soon as he realized what he was doing. I felt my face heat up a little, but I forced down my blush; I und this whole thing disgusting.

“Would someone please explain what is going on?” Macy asked from the doorway.

“Why don’t we go into the living room and sit down?” Mom offered.

“We have two kids in the car, is it okay if I bring them in?” Mrs. Andrews asked.

“Of course,” Mom assured them, “Macy, would you please get Jack and your father?” Macy nodded and disappeared up the stairs. Mrs. Andrews had gone outside to get her other children and that left Mom, me, Mr. Andrews and Sean. “The living room is right over here,” Mom told our guests. She led us all to the living room and we sat down. My assistant teacher and his father sat on one couch, Mom sat on the other and I flopped onto the single chair.