Robin Scherbatsky

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" I love a scotch old enough to order its own scotch!" Robin Scherbatsky

Full Name: Robin Charles Scherbatsky Jr.

Nicknames: Robin Sparkles, Ro-Ro, Robin Daggers, Sherbs, R.J., Red Bird, Roland.

Birth Date: July 23rd 1980

Home Town: Vancouver, BC (Canada)


- Canadian Teen Pop Star: Robin Sparkles (obviously when she was a teenager)

- Television Journalist


 - Robin's Apartment (Season 1-3)

- The Apartment (Season 4-5)

- With Don (Season 5)

-The Apartment (Season 6-7)

- With Patrice (Season 7)

- Apartment near Central Park (Season 7-8)

- Barney's Apartment (Season 8-2016)

- Robin's New Apartment (2016-?)

Portrayed by: Cobie Smulders

First Appearance: Pilot

Last Appearance: Last Forever- Part Two

Best Friends (AKA the Gang):

Ted Mosby AKA Teddy Westside

Barney Stinson AKA Swarley

Lily AKA Red

Marshall Eriksen AKA Big Fudge

Robin's Romance's:

 - Simon (pre-series) (ex-boyfriend- as a teen)

- Ted Mosby (Season 2 and season 9) (presumed husband)

- Barney Stinson (season 5, season 8-9) (divorced)

- Don Frank (season 5) (ex)

- Kevin (season 7) (ex)

- Nick Podarutti (season 8) (ex)

Of course there are many others but the above list consists of only serious relationships.

Robin's Family:

- Barney Stinson (ex-husband)

- Genevieve Scherbatsky (mother)

- Robin Scherbatsky Sr. (father)

- Katie Scherbatsky (sister)

- Cecil (uncle)

- Frank (uncle)

- Jim Scherbatsky (uncle)

-  Edith (Aunt)

-  Penny Mosby (honorary niece)

- Luke Mosby (honorary nephew)

- Larry (cousin)

- Ruth (cousin)

- Mitch (cousin)

- Vince (cousin)

- Claude (cousin)

Facts about Robin:

-  She's allergic to lobster.

- All she really wants is to hear her father say "Robin I'm proud of you, eh."

- She loves guns!

- She hates nicknames.

- She loves dogs and had 5 of them before she gave them away when she started to date Ted.

- She loves scotch and a cigar.

- She isn't a big fan of children.

- She's majorly obsessed with Hockey.

- When she drinks too much she can go full blown Canadian.


Traits held by Robin are:

1. Job Obsessed: Robin has been known to choose her career over love on multiple occasions.

2. Beauty: Robin likes to be the most beautiful girl in the room and often makes comments to suggest so.

3. Tomboy: Robin was raised as a boy by her father who craved a son, so she has many typically male interests and hobbies.

4. Canada: It is often that Robin will slip into Canadian slang etc. or become confused by something the gang is speaking about.

5. Violent: Robin finds fighting sexy but she also has a love of guns and is often seen yelling. 

I was going to write a little bit about Robin's life but I decided that through out the book (like with Ted and all the other characters) you would find out way more than I could ever write in one go so stay tuned. Sorry if I missed anything- let me know. Stinson out!

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