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valentina_rivera: hey there, lil nug❤️ just one more week until the 'Greatest Gender Reveal Party Ever' (according to elizabetholsenofficial)

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valentina_rivera: hey there, lil nug❤️ just one more week until the 'Greatest Gender Reveal Party Ever' (according to elizabetholsenofficial). just one more week until daddy and i find out if you're a boy💙 or a girl💜.

i still think lil nug is a lil nuggette, but daddy maintains that we're having a nugget.

place your bets people, i know we have😉

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username1: idk why, but seeing this ultrasound picture makes your pregnancy seem more real to me than it had beforehand???

valentina_rivera: username1 same here, dw😊

garcia_s: i'm team girl💜

realjamesbeckett: garcia_s same here!💜

willventuri: nah, it's definitely a boy💙

oliviaofficial: i'm on team boy💙

chrisevans: T E A M  B O Y 💙

imsebastianstan: with my husband on this one, team boy💙

username2: team girl💜

username3: team boy💙

robertdowneyjr: team girl💜

scarjo: team kickass little lady, aka girl💜

renner4real: team girl💜

paulrudd: team boy💙

anthonymackie: boooooy💙

tomholland2013: team girl💜

emilyvancamp: team girl as well💜

markruffalo: downey told me to say 'team girl'💜

chrishemsworth: team boy💙

prattprattpratt: team boy💙

yaelgrobglas: team girl💜

username4: team boy!!!💙

elizabetholsenofficial: nah, it's my lil niece in there💜

elizabetholsenofficial: also, there's an official poll happening at the party, so prepare yourselves😉

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial i can't wait😍

username5: OKAY OKAY, so it's likely that the father is an actor, correct? and i'll assume for the sake of what i'm about to say that he's commented somewhere above ^^^ for the sake of blending in or whatever. if we take out all the married/taken men that guessed boy, then the possible fathers are will, chris, or seb???? also, team girl over here!💜


it's actually become a thing where people are trying to figure out the father

like there's even a tumblr page dedicated to val with like 5 admins that have an entire 'tag' and even a conspiracy board dedicated to the father of valentina's unborn child

(sebastian, chris, will, and james, have been touched upon, but mostly the latter two. some married men have even been discussed)

i like to think the name of the account is like 'valentinariveradaily' or something and the tag is #valsbabydaddy or #janethenotsovirgin

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