An Interior Mistake| Lams

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Requested 154: 'there's only one bed...'

"Omg, shut up, Pegs!" I mocked my best friend. She talks in text abbreviations... a lot, so It's fun to copy her. "Uh hum, Gurl, You know it! You got a dorm with Alex~!" Peggy purred into the phone. We talk like Valley Girls when Peggy has something 'interesting' to talk about.

"Whatever, Peggy!" I giggled, "I gotta go! Love you!" "Bye!" She chirped and hung up. I put my phone in my pocket and ran to my new dorm. I ran into Aaron Burr, but he's cool and didn't say anything.

I made it to my dorm. As I looked for my key, I felt a hand loosely cover my hip. I saw a hand with the dorm key unlock the door. "Hey, Freckles, how are you?" I heard the person ask. "Hey, Alex!" I chirped, turning around and catching him in a tight hug. He held me at the waist and pretty much carried me inside.

Alex closed the door to our dorm and immediately slammed me to the wall. "Hey Pretty~" he purred into my ear playfully. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. "Careful~, You have a girlfriend, remember?" I smirked. Eliza was one of my best friends, but she was dating the man I was in love with. "What? Liz and I broke up a week ago, John..." Alex hummed, hugging me from behind. I felt my cheeks grow hot as he nuzzled into my neck. We were very friendly, cuddling and hugging like that wasn't out of the picture.

"Okay... w-well, let's look at the room!" I squealed, taking his hand and running into the only bedroom. Alex chuckled as I led him through the door. I looked around to find only one bed. I felt my cheeks flush as I looked up at Alex. "Yeah... so..." I mumbled, turning and looking up at Alex, "there's only one bed..."

Alex smiled. "I'll sleep on the couch, unless you want me to sleep with you?" Alex suggested. I bit my lip and shrugged. "I wouldn't mind..." I mumbled, playing with my fingers. Alex kissed my forehead, like a brother... or friend, and took our stuff into the room. I walked out of the room and sighed, hitting my head to the of the wall. "We're gonna sleep together..." I whispered under my breath.

*Time skip*
I looked up over Alexander's laptop, resting my chin on the top. "Hey, its late, we should go to bed..." I mumbled, fluttering my eyes. Alex looked up from the laptop to see me, but then looked back down with a smirk on his face. I groaned and whined. Alex looked back up at me and cocked an eyebrow. "Fine, fine. Just because nothing is due yet... and I finished anyways..." Alex sighed, saving his work and closing his laptop. I smiled and led Alex to bed. We were both already in our pajamas, because I forced Alex to change, so we were ready to sleep. Alex and I crawled into the one bed and fell asleep. "Night." We mumbled in unison and drifted to sleep.

*Time skip*
I woke up to soft snores. I looked over to see Alex. He had one hand on my thigh and I had my head on his chest. I didn't move, I didn't want to. I felt so comfortable and welcome in his arms. He finally woke up, not moving either. He kissed my head and nuzzled into my hair.

"Mornin', Lexi..."

"Morning, Peaches..."

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