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You have been married to Andy Biersack for 2 years now. You have a beautiful baby girl named Ariel. She's three year Olds

"mommy where is daddy I miss him" she says climbing into your lap and rubbing her eyes.

"he's on tour. He'll come back soon" she climbs in your lap and lays her head on your boob. She starts crying a little because she misses him. You kiss her head and play with her hair as she falls asleep.

"I miss him too princess" you say as you slowly fall asleep too.

You wake up to a loud bang in the kitchen. You lift Ariel up without waking get up and grab a bat that's always under the table. You sneak in the kitchen to see Ashley.

"Ashley?" He looks up at you. "what are you doing here?" You ask putting the bat down.

"well the rest of the tour was lover bo-" Ashely was stopped by Ariel screaming. You run to see Ariel in Andys arms smiling.

"mommy daddy is home! "she says smiling and hugging his face.

"yea he is" you say walking up to him arms folded.

"how are you" he says wrapping you in his arm. You hug his waist.

"I missed you" you say

"I missed you too" he kisses your head. "I think I missed you so much I think I want another baby" he says with a smirk.

You smile. "really?" You ask

"yes.." You lift your head and look into his beautiful eyes then look at Ariel. He kisses your lips as Ariel covers her face with her hands but peeks between her fingers.

"I guess we should get started" you smile. He makes a smirk and puts Ariel down. She should be fine. Ashley Is here he could watch Ariel.

He picks you up in a bridal hold and you guys go to  your room for we'll deserved fun !

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