Chapter 12 ~ Johnny

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At the beach

After a couple of minutes walking and persuading Lauren, we arrive at the beach. All the guys go to one beach hut and the girls go to the other.

Inside the hut as we get changed, we talk about who we all like.

"Guys, we're all gonna say who we like. Right now. No backing out," Hayden states, "I'll even start. I like Lauren,"

"Well nah, Hayden. It's definitely not obvious," Carson says with all the sarcasm her can get, before saying seriously, "and I like Brynn,"

"I thought so I just didn't want to say anything," Hayden starts.

"We're dating," Carson blurts out.

"Omg! That's my bro," I say laughing.

We're all changed and getting ready to leave the beach hut, when Hayden realises something,

"Guys wait up!" He calls, "Johnny you've not told us who you like yet,"

"Yeah come on bro, tell us," Carson adds.

"To be completely honest, I really don't know," I begin, "I like Kenzie, but we're such good friends. And I don't think she felt anything about the kiss. She just mustn't feel the same way. I don't even know how much I like her, or if it's all in my head. She's sweet, but I don't know if us would work,"

"Great. Nice story. Now let's go," Hayden says dragging me out onto the beach.

Kenzie looks great, again. Ugh why do feel like this about her? I can't like her. I just can't.

Anyways we all meet up on the beach, and I suggest we play a game,

"Guys, let's play flip flop!" I say running up to everyone.

"Wait what's that?" Brynn asked confused.

"Basically here's the rules," I begin, "Everyone sits in a circle,"

Our order goes, me, then Kenzie on my left, then Annabelle, then Brynn, then Carson, then Hayden, then Lauren, then back to me.

"So what happens is you whisper a question into the person on your lefts ear, and they say the answer to the circle," I say.

"Only the person on the right of them, who asks the question knows what the question was at this point," I continue

"Here's when the flip flop comes into play,"

"Someone takes a flip flop, or any other thing that can be flipped really. And throws it up in the air,"

"If it lands face up, the question remains between the asker, and the answerer,"

"If it lands face down, the asker tells the group the question,"

"Sorry if that's confusing to anyone." I finish.

"That sounds pretty cool!" Kenzie says excited, "Who has a flip flop?"

Hayden takes his off and throws it in the middle of the circle,

"Sorted" he jokes.

Annabelle goes first, and whispers something into Brynn's ear,

"Uh, Carson," she blurts, and flipped the flip flop.

It landed face up, so we don't get to know the question, ugh. I bet it was her crush though.

After a few more goes, it gets to Hayden, and he speaks into Lauren's ear,

"Omg! Yes!" She says hugging Hayden, and we're all confused.

Thankfully the flip flop lands face down, so we find out the question.

"So what was the question, Hayden?" I ask.

"Will you go out with me?" He mumbles blushing.

"Wait so you're dating? Omg!" Brynn squeals, and they both nod.

We all congratulate the new couple and move on with the game.

Next it's Lauren's turn and she turns and whispers to me,

"Which one of these girls, would you most likely date?"

"Uhhh Mackenzie," I stutter.

The question stayed between me and Lauren, but I think Lauren's going to tell her, Mackenzie had an anxious look on her face.

Now it was my turn to ask Mackenzie something. I've been waiting to ask her this.

"So Mackenzie, did you feel anything when we kissed," I whisper.

"Um, yeah I did," she mumbles.

The flip flop lands face down, so I have to tell the group my question. Ugh.

"Well," I begin, "I um, I asked Mackenzie if she felt anything when we kissed,"

"#JENZIE forever!!" Lauren squeals, "Raise your hands if you ship it!"

Everyone raised their hands except Kenzie and me.

"Can we just get on with the game?" I mutter.

After a few more rounds we get bored and go in the water. It's warm here, I wish we could stay here all night.

Maybe we can?

"Guys, why don't we camp here?" I say.

"Uh, Johnny," Lauren starts, "it will be cold,"

"Let's build a fire then!" Hayden chips in.

"Boys!" She says rolling her eyes. We decide to just go home, and have our sleepover back at me and Lauren's.

We're walking home and everything's so going great until...

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