Chapter 4️⃣

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"Elijah Hayden?"I gasped.

Elijah gave me a confused look before saying "How do you know my name?" Scrunching his face as he is trying to remember something he exclaimed "You look familiar."

Shit, shit, shit, did he figure out who I am!?! No he can't!

"I was in prestige high last year but I transferred schools. That's how I know you." I swiftly lied. Well half of that was a lie.

"Huh? You were in our high school?" Questioning me with a confused look, he mumbled to his self "If someone as beautiful as you were in my school I would remember."

Coming to a conclusion that I was not supposed to hear that, I started walking towards the sofas in the middle of the open living room.

Looking over my shoulder, I shouted "Woman, come on. We're not playing statue so stop standing there like a statue and get your ass over here!"

Elijah heavily sighed and jogging up to me.

Wait! What is this guy doing in my house. Guess it's interrogation time! Yay!.......... wait!

Nooooooo! I can't interrogate him the S.D way!!!

Pouting, I dragged my feet over to the couch and sat down, keeping my gaze on the ground.

Hearing someone chuckle, I averted my eyes from the floor and looked at the source of the sound.

"Woman! What are you chucking at!" I shouted at a chucking Elijah.

"You look adorable when you pout." Elijah says.

Out of the blue, he stops his cute chucking and starts abruptly coughing. "I- I mean what got you in the dumps all of a sudden?"

Wait! Did I just call his chuckling cute?!
I have gone mad someone call 119 AKA the freakin' ambulance!

"Nothing." I mumbled standing up.

Griping his wrist in a firm hold, I pulled him towards the couch forcing him to sit down.

I walked towards the spiral staircase, where I had happened to drop my gun while I was having a make out session with the school's most popular guy.

I looked around for my gun but wasn't able to find it.

Uhhh! Where is the gun!

"Angel!" Elijah said in a sing-song voice.

Pivoting on my heels I looked at the annoying........ man-woman? And saw him pointing my gun at ME! My eyes widened for a second before my expression went stone cold.

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