Chapter 22 - He Was Once My Friend (Bonus)

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1 Week later

(Annabelle's POV)

"There he is." Gwen pointed to where Peter was. Electro had him trapped but luckily enough for us he was right in our path.

"Hold on to something!" I instructed Gwen. "We're going through that gate and running Electro over." I told her my plan quickly and then stepped on the gas. The sound of us crashing through the gate seemed to have caught Electro's attention but he was too slow because I hit him, launching him a bit of distance. The moment the car came to a complete stop my door flung open and I jumped.

"Are you crazy?" Peter practically shouted as he pulled me from the car. "Oh my god I can't believe you just did that." He exclaimed and hugged me tight. Gwen ran around the car to us and Peter looked at her. "I can't believe you helped her." Electro began to move and slowly stand up. Peter started to push us towards the Power station. "Go, go! Get the power back on" Gwen and I ran towards the tower.

"We can do this, no pressure." I said as we carefully ran the the building. The entire place was a wreck, wires flying from the ceiling, control panels smoking. We checked every room that wasn't locked until we came across one with its door wide open. "This has got to be it." I stated. Unfortunately as we entered we found two dead men, most likely the ones who ran the station. We both walked over to the big panel in front of the window. I watched as Peter was just narrowly avoiding Electro.

"The override switch is locked." Gwen informed me. "I'll find the key." She said and walked away as I nodded. I continued to watch Peter. I hope he can do this. "Got it." Gwen called to me. I looked over at her and she tossed me the key. I quickly inserted it into the lock and got ready to hit the switch. But when I looked up, Peter was right where the electricity was going to flow through, using his web to connect the missing parts.

"Oh my god." I whispered as Gwen appeared my side. I waited to pull the switch, I couldn't pull it while Peter was right there. Electro was hitting him with another wave of electricity and I winced just from watching. Peter pulled the web together.

"Now Belle! Do it now!" He shouted. I hesitated but closed my eyes and pulled the switch. Just as I opened my eyes I saw Peter get flung down from where he was. But thankfully the electricity was being sent back at Electro now. This would destroy him. Gwen and I held up our hands to shield our eyes as Electro pretty much exploded. Once the bright light was gone I ran from the room to get to Peter as fast as I could.
When Gwen and I exited the building, I could see Peter just starting to rise from the ground. I ran over to him, helped him up and then pulled him into a hug. As Peter hugged me back he looked over to Gwen.

"I think we can still make your flight!" He shouted. There was an evil laugh followed by the hum of a small engine. Gwen froze in her spot and Peter and I turned around to see what it was. "Belle, go over by Gwen." Peter instructed in a serious tone. I hurried over to Gwen, who grabbed my arm as a man on a hover board came down in between Peter and us. This man was not human and his laugh was sickening. He turned to face us and his face grew angry the minute he did. The man looked at Peter and then back at us once again. This time when he looked, I knew who he was.

"Harry..." I whispered. "What have you done?" Harry smirked.

"Peter." He hissed out. "When you said 'Spider-Man said no'," His voice grew angry. "You meant. You! Said! No!" Peter walked slowly towards Harry.

"Harry, what did you do?" He asked. Harry laughed slightly, smiling again.

"What you made me do." Harry claimed. "You were my friend." He sounded as if he was crying out for help but the words just didn't reach his mouth. "But you betrayed me!" Harry shouted. I took a step back slightly.

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