Chapter 24 - Runnin' Home To You (Bonus)

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4 Years Later...

(Annabelle's POV)

Life has its ups and downs, at least that's what I keep telling myself. These past years have been great with little that has gone wrong and that's what scares me. I fear something big is waiting around the corner for me.

Forget all that, I suppose I should catch you up on what has happened. I work in a cute little bakery now and Peter works for the local newspaper, selling photos. And of course he's still protecting the city as Spider-man. There haven't been any major threats to the city since Electro and...Harry. Though that doesn't mean another threat won't show up. I always worry about Peter when he's out there no matter how dangerous the people he's stopping are.

Tonight, however I won't have to worry because it's movie night which means Peter can't go out as Spider-man, unless it's absolutely necessary. We decided that Saturday would basically be a date night, some movies and take out. Then Sunday would be a well cooked meal for dinner made by either one or both of us. I loved the weekend even more now because of this.

I had ordered pizza and fries, leaving Peter to be the one to get it. The place was only a few blocks away from our apartment. I'm pretty sure we go there the most out of all the customers the pizza place gets. So while Peter is out getting the pizza, I was in charge of setting up the living room. I had already grabbed all the blankets, napkins and movies, all that was left was drinks. I was currently stirring myself a glass of chocolate milk and had already poured a glass of orange soda for Peter. Once I finished stirring the milk I carried both drinks into the living room and set them on the table.

After I made sure everything was set I walked down the hall to the bedroom to throw on some comfy clothes. I switched into a pair of fuzzy pants and socks and then threw on one of Peter's shirts. It's a cold night so I want to be as warm as possible. As I walked out of the bedroom I heard the apartment door open.

"I'm back and I've brought the goods!" Peter announced as I walked over to him. I smiled at his childishness and took the pizza and fries from him.

"I'll take that, thank you very much." I hurried back into the living room and set the pizza and fries down.

"Don't eat all the fries before I sit down." Peter jokes and I rolled my eyes as he walked towards the bedroom. A minute later he came back in sweats and a t-shirt. "I see you found your way into my closet again." He sat down and opened the pizza box.

"You shouldn't have such comfy clothes then maybe I wouldn't steal them." I answered and grabbed a slice of pizza.

"Did you put the movie in already?" Peter asked. I nodded in response and handed him the remote after I turned the TV on. I wanted a Disney night so the first movie we're watching is Beauty and the Beast, the live action one and then Peter chose Wall-E for our second one. He pressed play on the movie. We snuggled in close together and began to eat the pizza.

The night continued on peacefully and I have to admit it was one of the nicest date nights we'd had in a while.


I volunteered to make dinner tonight since Peter unfortunately had to go into work and we did take out last night. I understood his boss could be difficult at times so I didn't mind him having to go into work. At least I could surprise him with his favorite dinner when he got home. Though, Peter would be home soon, any minute rather. Dinner was almost done as well. If he gets pulled into another story and has to stay out late, I won't lie, I'll be a bit upset. Someone knocked at the door pulled my attention from the stove. I ignored it at first because we weren't expecting anyone and I bet it was just people trying to sell stuff. The knocking continued. I shut the stove off and walked over to the door, cracking it open just a little.

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