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/Day 1/

"Oh, good, you're here!" Dani tossed her arms around me in a tight hug and I closed my eyes, tears streaming down my cheeks like a river."I've been so scared something would go wrong," I confided. "But you mean it? They got everything out?" We let go of each other so she could look me in the eye.

"Every bit of it. I told you, my dad got the best of the best. The hard part's over. Now all we can do is wait."

I nodded, hugging her again. "The thought of him living through all of this..." I shook my head. "I swear, I'll never take another day for granted."

"I need to tell you something important. You might not like it."

"What happened?"

"The doctors are going to terminate all life sustaining measures if he doesn't wake up within 30 days."

All the relief that I felt in that moment withered like a dried out plant, my hope along with it. "Why would they do that? They can't do that, can they?"

"David wanted it. He gave his signature as well, so they have no choice. He thought it'd be for the best because after 30 days... there's no chance he'll wake up at all."

"No. I won't accept that. Even a .1 percent chance is enough not to give up."

"Casper, we're hoping it won't have to come to that. The surgery went well, so we expect he'll wake up today or tomorrow."

"And if he doesn't?"

"Then the day after. Just... let's not panic."

I sucked in a breath and tightened my lips. I wanted to stay strong and believe this would all work out. Everything would all be okay and I'd get to hear David's voice again.

"Where's your scary father and the rest of your family?"

"They went to the hotel to freshen up, but they'll be back. That's why I told you to come, so you can sneak some time with him."

"I-I'm allowed to see him?" My eyes widened.

"Of course, if I have anything to say about it. I'll find a way to get you to see him every day until he's awake." She took my hand, squeezing it. "Go. He might be able to hear your voice through that deep slumber."

"Thanks, Dani. I really appreciate you." I strode past her and into David's room where a nurse was tending to him. She looked at me and smiled.

"Hello, are you Casper? Danielle said you'd be coming in."

"That's me, yes." My eyes were glued to my boyfriend's unconscious form and all the little wires surrounding him. His forehead was carefully bandaged and he looked so... still. Even a little pale. "I'm afraid to touch him," I said, moving closer. "I'm afraid if I do, he'll shatter."

The nurse gave me an understanding look. "If it's any consolation, he isn't made of glass. Go on, hold his hand. You'll see."

Tentatively, I reached over and grabbed his hand, cupping it in mine. It was warm, soft and a great comfort to my racing heart. "Guess you're right."

"I'll leave you alone. I'll be right outside so push the button for a nurse if you need one." She left the room and I carefully sat down.

"At least I get to hold you again," I whispered, hoping that he really could hear me speaking. "They gave you a little haircut on the side." I chuckled. "It really suits you."

I leaned forward and kissed his cheek, getting a waft of his lingering scent. For a second, it brought me back to two nights ago, and I missed him even more.

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