Chapter 28

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Harry P.O.V.

I hadn't stopped crying for hours afterwards. I knew he was just going to kill Louis, that's just how he was. If he had had enough with someone - boom. Gone. Forever.

After I had been removed from my cell, I was dragged by four guards down many corridors. We eventually ended up at a door. They kicked it open uncaringly and threw me inside.

Already used to this pain and treatment, I got us and dusted myself of slightly before looking round and realising we were on a balcony.

I remembered this. The window where we escaped was in the corner, boxes and cages moved. There were no cages anymore. In fact, there was no privacy at all. I scanned my eyes over the floor from the balcony, watching all the hybrids.

'Move cat." The guard shoved me roughly towards a gate in the balcony. My eyes widened. There was nothing behind it. I turned around to the guard.

"I am not jumping. Where are the stairs?" The guard smirked.

"You know better than me there are not stairs, Harry." he sneered out my name like venom. Wrong move. Some of the hybrids perked up from below.

I heard a few whispers of Harry and so on and suddenly a familiar cry called out:

"HARRY!" It was Olly. I turned to the hybrids.

"Guys, this is Harry. The infamous Harry Styles." Olly announced my presence. I rushed to the bar and clutched it, looking over all the hybrids. They gazed up at me in wonder and admiration.

"Hurry up! We don't have all day you little bastard." I felt my temper rise as a guard spat out these words but gritted my teeth and turned to them.

One of the guards lost it and walked over tot he gate, opened it and gestured for me to go through. I didn't.

"Where are the stairs?"

A guard kicked my feet out from underneath me and dragged me by my feet towards the gate. It was a good two hundred metre drop, I'd barely survive it.

The hybrids watched with wide eyes and terrified expressions as I was dragged along the balcony, hands groping desperately for anything, something to catch on.

My breathing was ragged and my heart was beating a hundred miles a minute. I began screaming begging, yelling but nothing worked. And with that, they tossed me over to edge, my yells echoing through the air.

I could faintly hear some shouts but everything was blurred and dizzy. I couldn't see or hear anything. Falling was a weird, scary sensation. I clenched my eyes shut and gritted my teeth, waiting for the impact, body tensed and rigid.

The second my body felt something solid I flopped, lost all rigidness and tenseness completely and just flopped.

But it barely hurt. After a few second I peeked open my eyes a bit and gasped. The hybrids had formed a barrier with their bodies and arms, preventing me from hitting the floor. The guards above muttered something about 'not worth saving' and stalked off.

 As soon as they'd gone I looked towards the hybrids who held me up onto their shoulders and began cheering like I was some sort of hero. I grinned, shocked that they knew me and my story.

They carried me across the room and dumped me in front of Olly and then gathered around in a semi-circle but Olly simply said:

"Give him some time. He'll tell you all soon enough but he needs his rest." The hybrids let out a series of 'owwwws' but left off to play with their friends.

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