Chapter ten-Knock knock and Twelve o'clock

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Three days had passed since the underwear incedent. Alex had left that night and sat on a bench in the fairy park until Ivy had found him, and, without a word, brought him home. She had then left with only a quick "goodbye" and a hug to the still highly upset Mystique, who had been cleaned up all except for a few spots of tomato sauce on his chin.

Ivy and Alex had barely been speaking, aside from the odd "Hello" in the school corridor. Alex wondered why Ivy wouldn't speak to him.

It's probably because she thinks you're an idiot and is embarrased to be around you

He reminded himself.

He was spending more and more time with Darcy lately. She was witty and cute and Alex couldn't help but enjoy her company.

Ivy is probably spending more time with Hunter lately.

The thought irritated him but he brought his head back down through the clouds and started focusing on the pile of homework.

He heard a knock at the door. "C'mon in" he called. It was his mother who opened the door.

"Hi Sweetheart, just wanted to check how the homework is going." she told him.

"Yeah, going pretty well" he lied. He was finding it rather hard to concentrate.

"Okay, honey. Would you like some hot chocolate?"

"Some coffee would be better. I have two assignments due tomorrow and I've only done half of one of them" he sighed.

"Okay, I'll be back soon. Oh and don't stay up too late" she advised. Alex nodded and turned back to his work only to be interrupted by another knock on the door not even ten seconds later.

"Come in" He called again. He heard the door open but didn't turn around.

"Awex?" he heard a small voice and spun his desk chair around. Mystique stood there looking rather frightened. "I'm sowee about laughing for you when you sat on the floor." she murmered quitely. "And for putting my undies on your chair" she continued. "And for making you be prince and for making you kiss Ivy and for putting a bug in your soup tonight."

Alex choked. "You... what? You did WHAT?"

"I kinda accidently, not on purpose dropped Mr buggy in your soup and forgot to tell you" she mumbled very quickly. Alex sighed and picked the little girl up. She plopped into his lap.

"It's okay Mystique. Bugs are good protein."

He hugged her tight and she hugged back. "I wuv you Awex. You're my bestest best cousin." she whispered into his ear. Alex decided not to remind her that he was her only cousin and instead just held the little girl tighter.

After a few moments, they both pulled back.

"I need to go to bed now" Mystique told him and he patted her fondly on the head.

"Sleep well Kiddo."

She hopped off his lap and ran to the door, then turned and waved.

Alex waved back and she gently closed the door.

Alex sighed and turned back to his homework, only managing to complete a few sentences before yet another knock sounded.

"Yeah?" he yelled in the general direction of the door. It opened and his mother came in, carrying a mug of steaming coffee.

"Here you go sweetie." she said, placing it on the desk and kissing the top of his head. "Good luck with your homework" she told him and then left.

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