Chapter 5

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•Amelia's POV•
"This is where you live?" How dare he ask that! His tone was completely demeaning and I could see the pity in his eyes. Even though my home wasn't the greatest, it's the only one I have, and I'm going to cherish it.

I threw my purse onto a table and pulled off my heels. I checked in the fridge. No food. How can I have no food. I changed into some sweats and a large grey hoodie with some comfy shoes and decided to go to the nearest McDonald's. "I will go grocery shopping tomorrow, but as of now, my stomach needs to be fed."

I ordered my meal and sat down on some random table. It was practically empty and quiet along with the sound of the tv.

"This has been the 7th bombing incident in the downtown area. The police suspect that major drug lords are behind these bombings and have no further suspects at the moment." Typical police. I checked my phone and it was already 11pm and knew the spooky little dangers that come out at night.

I began walking home then stopped all of the sudden. Fear struck through me. "Fuck! I left my charger at work!" I faked a sob and checked my battery. "It's only 30% left. I can save it up till tomorrow."

~Next morning~
"Hey Ky! Didn't know you were working today." I was wearing regular clothes, light blue boyfriend jeans and a black t shirt. "I know.. Ugh Mr. Buckley made me work today since Linda got herself pregnant." He rolled his eyes in disgust. "But why are you here? Lemme guess. Tryna see your boss? Well too bad honey, he isn't here. He canceled all of his meetings" I groaned at the fact that I would have to reschedule those meetings.

"I just forgot my charger, just came by to pick it up." I waved goodbye to Kyle and made my way upstairs. As soon as I walked in, I heard talking from Damon's office. "I thought no one was here..."

"I told you we needed to tie up those loose ends!" It was a voice of an unknown man, sounded old and rough. "Henry, they are not going to be any more harm, even Damon thinks so." Anther voice spoke, it was of a guy but sounded young. "If Damon thinks so then we are safe. Plus we have control of most of the police forces here." The voice came from a female, it sounded strong and calm. "Damn how many people are in there..."

I didn't even notice that I was eavesdropping but my curiosity got the best of me. "I still think we should get rid of them, even if they have families" I gasped at his words. "To be honest Damon, Henry is also right. Plus didn't they steal from your company?" The childish voice spoke again. "Then it's settled.. But I'll handle them my own, I want to see them suffer and also to send out a message from other low lives who think they can steal from me and try to tell the cops." Damon spoke coldly as usual but his words scared me to death. I backed up in shock, frozen and scared. I tried to maintain a balance by holding onto a table, but a picture frame of my mother and I dropped to the floor, shattering everywhere, making the loudest noise possible. I began to panic when I heard hushes from the other room and quickly ran behind my desk since I would not be able to make it if I went towards the hallway, but I immediately regretted my decision.

"Damon, is the younger girl your assistant? She's cute!" I knew he picked up the broken picture frame. My body tensed up as I felt his presence near the table. I held my breath, hoping for him to leave soon. He began humming a song, London bridge to be exact. The tension quickly built as I heard his shoes click everywhere he stepped, getting closer every second. Near the end of the song, he stopped right beside the table, his shoes in my eyesight.

"Boo." He leaned down suddenly, having the most innocent smile on his face. "Well hello there, I almost missed you!" I jumped up, my hands shaking and my breathing uneven. His hazelnut skin brought out his brown eyes along with black hair. He wore simple clothing, black jeans and a white top. He had a baby face but looked no older than 28. He pulled on my arm roughly, sensing some anger is his smile.

"Let go of me!! HELPP HEL-" I began shouting and tugging, using all the force I had, wishing right now I went to the gym more often. His hand blocked me from shouting and he wrapped his other arm around me, stopping me from moving. "Tsk tsk. I wouldn't do that, baby."

He dragged me inside and my eyes were teared up but I held them back. 'If I'm going to die, I'm going to die brave' I thought to myself. "Look what I found!!" His voice was cheery and enthusiastic. I looked around, studying everyone's faces. The woman was tall and had dark ebony skin with long black hair in braids. Her facial features were stunning and looked like she can claw your eyes out at any moment. The older man, Henry, looked like the KFC logo. He had all white hair with wrinkles on his face and was slightly short. Then lastly Damon. He sat on his large chair, looking disinterested and my anger started to boil.

"Oo! I have an idea, can I keep her? As a pet maybe. She reminds me of a cute little lost cat." I bit his hand that was covering my mouth as hard as I could. I dug into skin and he moved his hand away, releasing me. I had my phone in my hand and tried to call 911 but realized it was completely dead. "Fuck!" Somebody walked towards me, stealing my phone from my hands and smashing it with her foot. "Can never be too careful." She smiled.

"L-listen. I didn't hear anything and I won't say anything, I swear. Just please let me go. I promise, I won't even say you were here." My words came out weak and scared and who wouldn't be. "What do you think Damon, should we let her go?" The lady spoke as she played around with a pocketknife. "No fair! I still want her!" The childish boy was holding his palm, blood clearly being seen.

Damon stood up, walking towards me. Something clicked in my brain and I rushed to the door. As hard as I pulled on the door, it wouldn't budge. I turned around seeing Damon smile. "I'll deal with her. Meeting dismissed." He took out an object from his jacket, before I could even see what it was, I was struck on the head and everything went dark.

AN: O that took a dark turn. So I didn't know where this story was headed so I decided to put a lil but of action in it. Hope u guys like it! Sorry for mistakes and please comment and vote xoxo

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