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What is he doing just outside my Chamber's door? I didn't get time to think about it further as he took my right hand and placed a lingering kiss on it all the while maintaining​ eye contact with me. My breath hitched because of the act he pulled. His soft and welcoming lips linger there for a while and then he released my hand but held my wrist and started walking making me walk with him too.

We kept walking down the corridors and I couldn't do anything but to question that where are we going.

"Can you kindly tell me where we are going, this early in the morning?" I voiced my thoughts but in a polite manner.

He just shook his head and replied with a gorgeous smile grazing his lips.
"You will get to know when we will reach there" He stated while looking at me while his pitch black eyes glittered with happiness.

But that reply didn't satisfied me and I just stared at him until he averted his eyes back to the front all the way walking. Soon we exited the front doors of the castle and that made me the happiest girl alive. After two days I am out again. I can't explain how happy I am.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today. Not so warm and not so cold. Breeze blowing making my hair move in awkward directions while I am smiling like a mad woman. It feels good to be out.

It is true you never realize how much of a freedom is a blessing for us until you are caged. And again coming out here is very good. We entered the beautiful garden that I first saw when I reached this castle.

Everywhere green grass and lush trees. Wherever I move my eyes around, I only see the flowers that I love the most. Well I love every flower.

I was too busy to gaze at those flowers that I didn't realized that we both had stopped. Xander pushed those strands of hair out of my face which reach there because of wind with his strong yet soft hands.

He looked deep into my eyes like searching for my soul and replied with a mischiefvious glint in his eyes while a playful smile played on his lips.

"Anastasia if I know that you were going to look at those flowers instead of me I wouldn't have planted them" He told me making me blush. And the way he said my name well I never admired my name this much before. Just like it rolled out of his mouth so smoothly like it was meant to be pronounced by him.

Nevertheless he again grabbed my hand and made me sit on the chair that was present on the side of mine-which I failed to notice before. He sat opposite to me on his respective seat while a table separated us.

The table was full of breakfast food. He took a plate and fill it with various foods and handing it to me which I accepted and pour food for his own self too. We started eating.

"You didn't came out of the castle for two whole days so I thought it would be good if you breath in some fresh air. Do you like my idea?" He questioned while hope lingered in his eyes for me to say yes that I like his idea. How thoughtful of him. I thanked him for his gentleness and told him that I love it and a sigh of relief escaped his mouth making me wonder why does it matter so greatly that I like it or not to him.

We eat while making small talk with each other , getting to know each other interests more and more and him telling me little parts of his childhood while mentioning a special childhood friend. I asked him who was he which he replied with that friend of his was a 'she'.

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