Chapter Seventeen

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^Song: Come Little Children (Not sure who it's by!). This song is totally Pan's theme song. :D (Both the other versions of Peter and my Pan.)

I traveled through the woods, skipping over fallen logs and tree roots. This part of the forest was beautiful as the sun drifted off to another part of the world.

But I didn't have the time to appreciate it at that moment. I had to find those teens!

"Fin! Daniel!" I called, desperate to find the boys responsible for my wanderings.

Nothing but the birds answered back to my callings.

"I don't even know what I'm looking for," I huffed under my breath as I kicked a nearby leaf, nearly stubbing my toe on a log right beside it.

I squealed, whirling last minute to avoid impact.

Instead, I tripped over a stick, landing haphazardly in the undergrowth, the same leaf flopping down into my hair.

"Fin! Daniel!" I yelled, frustration echoing from me. This was becoming ridiculous!

I scrambled to my feet, brushing dirt from my clothes as I listened closely to the forest surrounding me.

No answer.

Another frustrated noise left me.

Maybe these two really didn't want to be found. They could be seeking out a moment of peace and solitude among the ruckus of island life. Or simply wanting to be loners. It wasn't that unusual among teenagers.

"Fin!" I swatted a tree branch away from my face, angrily huffing under my breath. I had to jump out of the way as it nearly came back for revenge.

"Dan-" My mouth dropped close with surprise and astonishment.

Up ahead, something fluttered through the low lying branches. It flowed through the air as if floating through water.

It was a bright orb, brighter than any artificial light that I had seen on the island, yet it had a soft air surrounding it. An almost motherly glow that lured me in and captured all attention.

My mind scrambled to place it, then clicked into place as it finally did.

Only one creature had such calming powers. Only one could be that small on this island.

Tinkerbell! The little fairy was just ahead of me, flittering back and forth as if leading me on.

A brilliant smile grew across my face. Surely she would know where the boys were hiding?

"Tink!" I called out to the lone shape, hoping she would stop for a moment and help me.

But she didn't.

Instead, the light drew closer until she was almost within the reach of my fingertips.

Then, just before my reaching fingers could brush up against her dress, the shape was quickly darting off into the woods, enticing me to follow.

With a lingering smile and a joyful laugh, I chased after her in glee.


In a hurry, I shoved a leafy branch from my path. I pinned the dreadful thing to the ground before jogging ahead, tromping on its leaves as I went.

Tink was just ahead of me, oddly silent as she lead the way forward. She passed under another branch, this one swinging back to catch me in the face.

It struck my cheek, leaving a stinging welt. I whimpered, pulling back to cover the injured area as tears welled in my eyes.

Draught this forest! All of its plants were out to get me!

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