Chapter 67

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January 2015

I grab Nina's arm, spinning her around from the sink. Her hands are still wet and they splash water across the front of my shirt but I don't care. Hundreds upon hundreds of years of animosity are coursing through me right now and I can taste my anger like bile as it burns up my throat.

"I don't know what you think you heard Nina," she yanks her arm out of my grasp, "but no one will believe your lies anymore." She turns her back to me and turns off the water but is smart enough to keep her gaze trained on me through the mirror.

"Lies? Have they really all been lies Ellie?" she ask curiously.

Fiona is still standing next to me, I can tell she doesn't know if she should leave or stay. She rocks back and forth on her toes like she's preparing to, but she doesn't move. Nina looks at her and smiles sweetly as she pulls out some paper towels from the dispenser and begins drying her hands.

"Come on," she goads me. "It's just us girls in here. Which one is the better kisser? Jared, Derrick, or Max maybe?"

I can't believe after all these years I'm still having this same petty argument with this girl over boys. Seriously! I roll my eyes to the ceiling. If she is my killer because some boy didn't pay attention to her, I swear on all that's holy I'll rip her to shreds with my own two hands.

"What do you want Nina?" And I don't ask this as an offering, but rather because I simply don't understand her motives.

"I want you to stop taking everything!" she snaps at me. I shake my head sadly; I would've laughed had she not been holding information on me, but the whole thing is just pathetic.

"I don't take anything Nina." My reaction has bothered her and she steps closer towards me.

"You take everything that's not yours and you better watch out Ellie. You're playing with a lot of people's feelings around here."

"You don't know what you're talking about!"

"Don't I?" she asks, fixing me with a look as she walks past me towards the door. "You don't care who you hurt, as long as you're happy. You jump from boy to boy just like your mother."

And with that the door swings closed behind her and I'm left feeling the sting of her words. For some reason this is the meanest thing she's ever said to me, probably because it's what I worry deep down to be true. I'd forgotten she was there, until I feel her skinny arm slip around me.

"Are you okay?" Fiona asks as her big eyes fill with concern. I can only shake my head, knowing it won't be long before everyone knows I was here over Christmas break with Max and whatever other juicy details Nina decides to throw in to spice up her story. "It's my fault," she whispers apologetically. "I shouldn't have said anything." That's where she's wrong.

"It's not your fault, it's mine."

The second I opened the door to Max and I agreed to play his game, I lost. I still haven't learned just not to play! To not open the door! This is entirely my fault.

After getting rid of Fiona by reassuring her a million times that I'm neither mad at her or holding any grudges, I finally escape the bathroom and head back out into the club. It might just be my imagination but I feel a shift in the room, like something has changed. Feeling paranoid, I walk quickly back towards the sofas, wondering who Nina has already gotten to. I can't help scowling when the only person I see sitting there is Max. I guess it's fortunate though, we do need to work out some sort of alibi. Charging over to him, I sit down and he looks pleasantly surprised to see me. He shouldn't be.

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