Chapter 7- Fires and Heavens with You

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WARNING! this chapter contained slight mature content. If you don't like reading it,  don't worry I made a guide where it started and ended so you wont have any trouble if you got the need to skip it.  

Have fun reading and Enjoy~


Chapter 7: Fires and Heavens with you

In a weird new alive senses, for the first time of her life, Mekaela was finally able to touch sin and embrace it. She didn't know that she had this kind side, the side of lust. Is that saint? It should be because it felt so good and rich, like you never want to give it up. Saints could always go back to themselves later...right? Mekaela's mind wondered, as the guy above her nibbled her ear.

With a moan coming from her soft gentle lips, Mekaela felt uncomfortable making it. Was it normal?...She never know...that sort of contact before. Maybe she should, well, she did want to find out how a man made love to a woman. A blush crept up her fair cheeks, how should she tell Tyler that she never had that kind of contact before? Would he laugh if she told him? Visualizing his expression, Mekaela shook her inner thought. No, probably he will laugh...wait, would he?

"Mekaela?" His voice broke her thoughts. Mekaela shook her head and looked up with a puzzled look. "Huh?"

"Are you okay?" he asked with a worried expression. He gave her some space as he got off her, kneeling on the floor. She looked at him in alarm. "Oh god, I messed up. I'm sorry." She bit her bottom lip.

Tyler gaze at her biting and somehow it made his breaths deep. "No, it's not your fault." From getting anymore arouse than he already was, he turned to his pile of work. "I got to finish this work, anyways..." Tyler looked at the coffee spilled on the rug floor. "You better clean that up." He moved away from her, picking up several papers, occupying himself.

Just that moment, Mekaela felt guilty that she in someway ruined the moment between them.

'Tyler...' From looking at the spilled coffee than to the handsome hunk in front of her gave her a swift blaze in her heart. She gazed at him with unexpected cloudy eyes. A sudden beat leaped in her heart. Mekaela swallowed. He looks so good with that blue dress shirt on. She noticed some of the buttons on his dress shirt weren't buttoned. She could see some of his skin.

Just thinking about him made her stomach sizzle in fire.

Mekaela couldn't think much at this point. All she wanted now was Tyler and nothing else. She wanted to explore. To explore what she was missing in her life.

...Explore it with him.

Tyler was so absorbed in his work that he didn't sense small hands reach him from behind, holding him gently by the waist until he sense something touching his ripe abs. Tyler turned around to find two golden cloudy eyes staring back at him with a mischievous glint. "Mekaela?" he called in confusion.

"Tyler..." she whispered seductively in his ear. "I want what you want..." she purred. "So, give it to me..." Mekalea smiled when she heard him swallow hard. Oh, god, she never knew she was like this! It felt so seductively good. I think Tyler is feeling the same.

"...Really?" He asked thickly, his devil side turned on.

"Yes.." she answered giving him a good lick on the earlobe, her breath tickling him.

With that, Tyler pounce on her. Down they went on the rug floor, filled with office papers. Tyler kissed her, bringing her wrist just above her head. His other hand lay on her cheek, touching her softness. Sparks of unusual wild heat and desire rose.

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