2: Brooke's Moving In

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Leaning over my body, I felt him at my entrance running his cock along the slit and I hissed when he nudged the tip in. In one quick thrust, he was fully inside me and I screamed as my virginity was ripped open. "Shit baby, you're so damn tight" he said and stilled to let me adjust to his cock. Pain coursed through my body and soon pleasure was taking over, I tilted my hips to let him know that I was ready. Lowering his face to the crook of my neck, Mason began moving inside me. "Baby please move faster and claim my body as yours" I said while kissing him and grabbing his toned ass. Mason picked up the speed and slammed into me creating a unique and perfect rhythm. My orgasm building and bit down on his neck to control my screams and moans. "Cum on my cock baby" he whispered and I clenched around his cock as he was filling me with his cum.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when my mom tapped me on my shoulder saying that we are grabbing a bit to eat before getting on the highway. I was more than happy to go inside and freshen up, since my flashback caused me to cream my thongs. That dream felt so real and I needed to get myself together ASAP. Today is the day that I was moving into my dorm room and my family insisted that we drive because they wanted to spend more time with me. I didnt mind because I was too excited to be starting college and living a life of freedom, away from my brothers and suffocating parents. I loved them to pieces but they were annoying. I think its because Im the baby of the family and the only girl.

Pulling up in front of the school, a huge grin on broke out on my face. I didnt go to USC instead Im at UGA (University of Georgia). The only thing I thought about was country boys in tight jeans, snugged shirts and big dic- Brooke snap out of it my father yelled as he was taking my suitcases from the trunk of SUV. Flushed cheeks and all, I made my way to the entrance of the dorm and froze dead in my tracks. Hot guys were everywhere and they were helping the females move into their rooms. Excuse me cutie, do u need some help I turned and was greeted by the most gorgeous dude I had ever seen. O.M.. G.. "Ummmm, I—I" I was stuttering when my dickhead brothers cut in and said, "No the hell she does not and I suggest you step away from her before we kick your ass." I was so embarrassed that I stormed off screaming to my mom and she laughed talking about they were harmless. After checking in, we moved the rest of my belongings into my dorm room and I gave them the silent treatment. "You dont have to talk to us but we will still protect you" my older brother Joseph said and I just rolled my eyes, wishing they would hurry up and leave.

Since my roommate havent checked in, I decided to leave everything scattered around the room in totes and suitcases and go to dinner with my family. They took me to my favorite restaurant and I ordered my favorite: T-bone steak topped with jumbo grilled shrimp, creamed spinach and a baked potato. All throughout dinner, my brothers were warning me about guys and telling me the dos and donts about college parties and hooking up. I was so not paying attention because I would explore for myself. "Brooke, listen to your brothers because they know what they are talking about" my dad said and I replied "Dad, they cannot give me advice because they slept with half of America." Dickhead Johnathan just had to butt in "Exactly, we know what guys want from freshmen girls and its not love." Ready for this conversation to be over, I asked for a to-go box and packed my leftovers. Before leaving I ordered cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and raspberries for my roommate and me.

Walking into the dorm, I spotted that sexy guy from earlier and I kept my face down to avoid eye contact. He was fine and I was too embarrassed to say hello. I stopped in front of my room, looking to the left and right because the door was open and I remember locking it. Just then a blonde haired, blue eyed girl walked past me and into the room. "Excuse me, are you my roommate" I asked and she turned around giving me a megawatt smile while extending her hand. "Yes I am, my name is Katie but everyone calls me Kate" she replied. I introduced spoke and introduced myself "Nice to meet you Kate, Im Brooke. Sorry about my things all over the place." We soon fell into a comfortable conversation while arranging and decorating our room. We discovered we are the only girls in our family and have brothers who annoy us. Also, we have the same taste in music, movies, clothes, favorite color and books. I have a feeling Kate is going to be my best friend.

After unpacking everything and decorating, Kate and I sat down and ate our cheesecake. The room was a pretty decent size, given we had to share it and still had space to entertain friends. Our beds were on opposite sides of the room, we had our own closet and desk. We had an in-suite bathroom that we shared, but it was ok because it was just the two of us. My brothers got me a 60-inch smart tv that we would share and Kate brothers got her a chic sofa that we decorated with fuzzy pink throw pillows to match our room.

Over the next couple of days, me and Kate really got to know each other. I must say, it felt good to talk with someone other than my mother and my rude ass brothers. I told Kate that I was a virgin and never been kissed. I was shocked when she told me she was too and we both looked at each other and said, "overbearing brothers." Kate said one of her brothers goes to the university with us and hes on the football. I told Kate about the boy I encountered today and described how hot he was. She just laughed and wished me luck. Tomorrow is the first day of class and we looked over schedule. I was majoring in Biology and Chemistry since I want to be a Pediatrician/Neonatologist and Kate was majoring in law.

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