Chapter 2

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'You're so heavy Kikiriku...' (Y/N) sighed to herself as she tried to hold him in her small arms. 'I wonder who your dad is. Is he as big as Miss Rurumu?' She waddled about, trying to find someone that looked similar to Kikiriku when she bumped into someone that had matching blue hair to the baby she was holding in her arms. The male looked down at her and smiled.

"Hey there! You're new around here. What's your name?"

"(Y/N)! What's your name, mister?"

"I'm Hinahoho. Father to the bundle of joy in your arms." He rubs Kikiriku's head as (Y/N) smiled up at him.

"He sure is a big boy! How old is he?" Hinahoho takes the happy child out of (Y/N)'s arms and craddled him.

"He's only about a year old."

'Only a year?! Oh my goodness...' Hinahoho chuckled at (Y/N)'s facial expression and pats her head, tussling her hair in the process.

"I'm guessing you've met Rurumu since she's entrusted you with our child. Do you know where she went?"

"Yeah. She and Ja'far said something about dinner!" She hops around happily. "I haven't had a proper meal in years!" She twirls around and sits on a box, swinging her legs to and fro. "What's it like in Emuchuck?"


"Yeah! At least, I think that's how Rurumu pronounced it..."

"It's Imuchakk. For only hearing it once, you did a pretty good job in trying to pronounce it." 'You were way off...'

"I'm sorry. I'm not that smart. I only did simple things around my home before my mom sold me, and they don't teach you much besides cleaning."

"Well, I'm sure Rurumu is more than willing to help educate you."

"Really?! That would be amazing!" (Y/N)'s big (E/C) eyes sparkled at the idea of learning how to read and write and bounced on the box. She stopped when she saw Sinbad stick his head out and stare at her. "Sorry! I won't bounce on the sellable stuff!"

"What's got you so excited, anyways? Oh, hey Hina. What's up?"

"I brought up the idea of having Rurumu educating her. I mean, she helped you and Ja'far, so I'm sure she'll help little (Y/N) here."

"Rurumu may be strict, but she wants the best for everyone." Sinbad gives (Y/N) a thumbs up as he goes over to her and picks her up off the box, placing her on her feet. "It's getting close to dinnertime."

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