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WARNING: Mentions of unhappy relationships and cheating



The goddess that sat next to the king, a careful eye on him as he looked at the maidens below.

The one who held fury in her eyes and vengeance in her blood.

The goddess who tormented the women who tragically fell into Zeus's game of deceit. 

The one who constantly kept an eye on her husband's behavior.

The goddess who fell after Zeus, even throughout all his deception, she still loved him.

The one who attempted to reason with her husband throughout his anger.

The goddess who cried when she lost her husband, to the poison of the modern world.

 A WOMAN WITH EYES WIDE open at a brightly lit computer screen in front of her, switching between tabs of smiling girls and boys with their assumed "one true love." She would do everything she could do to protect them. 

From exposing the cheating's misdemeanors to catching compromising pictures that left heartbroken boys and girls sobbing at home on their beds to helping them move on by setting them up with someone who actually cared for them. 

She laughs at the irony. She was so used to making the lives of her husband's lovers hell, she almost forgot what it was like to do the opposite. 

The neighbors next door are at it again. Screaming and screeching till their voices give out. Their marriage is one not even Hera could save. They try, of course, but their relationship was doomed from the start.

 Suddenly, the noise stops and all she hears is the silence of the apartment and suddenly the woman just feels small. 

The once grand and great goddess has been reduced to nothing more than a crazed woman who does nothing more than set people up, hoping their happy ending could some how to change hers. She knew nothing of the sort would ever occur. Her husband wouldn't leave the poison of the modern world, her family wouldn't somehow come back together, they wouldn't be restored to their home, Olympus. 

Instead, they lay in the ashes of the home they once knew, and Hera knew she would never recover. 



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