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thank you guys so much for 100k votes. thank you guys for 3 MILLION TOO IM SHOOK. Congrats to StarstruckLLB for finding the description reference in the last chapter. 

in this chapter i kind of create an origin story for werewolves which I'm pretty proud of. it's long and detailed but if you guys actually read it, it'll explain a shit load and make you go 'ohh that's why'.


*triggers throughout the chapter : detailed mentions of blood, scars, cuts, abuse, and bullying*




The thin leather strip lashed Lumos's back, in crosses, slithering over his skin, relentless. Blood flowed with every stroke, creating fine, but deep cuts against the muscle of his back. Blood oozed out of the wound, gold, dripping down his spine. The whip engraved fresh lines over the previous scarred ones. But it didn't matter. The agony Lumos went through would mean nothing; no one would ever see the scars. They would heal. Like all of the evidence of torture he went through. No one would ever see his pain.

He was alone. Suffering. Buried thousands of miles under where no one could hear him. But he continued to try anyways. He would try and try and try again until finally someone heard him. 

And someone eventually did.


Lumos awoke, dripping in sweat, being shaken by Adeline. Ceasing once she realized his eyes were wide open, she stepped back, timidly rocking from one foot to another.

"What the hell was that about?" Lumos muttered, his voice rasp, as if he had been screaming for hours on end. Which to be fair, he technically had.

Adeline looked nervously around, like she had been caught doing something she wasn't supposed to. After all, they were in Lumos's room, and in most cases it was quite rude to invade someone's personal space.

"You, um, uh, left your, uh, r-room door slightly open, so uh," Adeline quickly rambled, pausing the scratch the back of your neck, "and well you were sleeping." 

Lumos titled his head to the side, a trait most wolves had, in confusion. "So you decided to creepily wake me up because I was sleeping? I could've been having a dream about naked girls!" Lumos objected, slumping back into his sheets.

Adeline propped and awkward smile, "You were screaming-loud."

Lumos sent her a lazy glance, almost as if he knew what she was going on about, but refused to discuss.

"You don't know what those naked girls were doing to me." Lumos pointed out, leisurely sliding out bed to reveal his topless, scar-littered, self.

Adeline's patience wore thin. "Lumos." She firmly addressed.

Lumos looked from his drawer, and innocently craned his neck behind him towards Adeline.

"Yes, dear?"

Awkwardly, Adeline struggled to say, "They were not sexual screams."

Fingering a grey, athletic shirt, Lumos slipped it on. 

Fully turning to her, Lumos leaned against the dresser, his arms crossed.

"Now tell me, Adeline, how would you know? Last time I checked, you've never been in bed with me. And trust me, darling, if you had, you'd remember it." Lumos shot her a wink, turning back around to find his handy dandy watch.

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