Prompt #5

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                Prompt: I would love to see Leon and Caroline spending some sibling time together, maybe shortly after Brennan comes over for dinner

                A.N.- I'm assuming you meant when he came over for dinner during The Only Faith, and not the prompt where him and his parents came for dinner!


                I parked the car and got out, heading back into the house. My parents had cleared the dining room and were cleaning up the kitchen together.

                "George, you missed a spot," mom said, shoving a pan back towards him.

                Dad took it from her and started cleaning it again. "Leon, you should go study a bit and go to bed. It's getting late."

                "Leon, Brennan seems like a nice boy," mom said, shooting dad a look. "It was nice to meet him."

                "He's something," I said with a tired smile. "I'll go study, dad."

                I left the kitchen and went upstairs. I started down the hallway, but Adam nearly ran into me as he stepped out of his old room.

                "Sorry," I said, stepping aside so he could get by.

                "Your...boyfriend," he said, saying the word like it was disgusting, "is not suitable. You're from a respectful family, Leon. You shouldn't be with a delinquent."

                "Brennan makes me happy. Your girlfriend makes you happy," I said.

                "She's a respectable woman," Adam said. "Brennan is a Maroon who's had trouble with the law."

                "Brennan makes Lee happy," Caroline said, coming out of her bedroom. "Leave him alone, Adam."

                "I gave you the same trouble when you dated that boy your freshman year of college," Adam said to her.

                Caroline rolled her eyes. "Oh, yea, because you're mister perfect. Listen, you might be dad's clone, but you're not dad. So back off. Leon and I can date whoever we want. Piss off."

                Adam curled his lip in disgust. "You need to grow up, Caroline."

                "And you need to go home, Adam," Caroline said, shooing him away. She grabbed my arm and yanked me into her room. "I need to talk to Leon." She kicked the door shut and locked it.

                "What did you need to talk to me about?" I asked.

                "Nothing," she said, releasing my arm. "I just want Adam to go home. He's so much like dad that it freaks me out sometimes."

                I sat on her bed. "He means well. So does dad."

                "Yea, well, their good intentions are a pain in the ass," Caroline said. "Your boyfriend is pretty cute. A delinquent, sure, but a cute one."

                I blushed a little. "Caroline, stop that."

                "What? I'm only a few years older than the two of you. It's not weird," she said. She checked the time. "You should probably study, huh?"

                "Dad told me to," I said. "I have a test in a few days that I should be ready for."

                "Hey, I have to study too. Just stay in here. I'll help you if you need it," she said.

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