Fifteen; Text Message

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New Message From actual baby daddy👅

actual baby daddy👅

I still maintain that we're having

a boy tbh


nope nope nope

we're having a girl, i can feel it in my bones

actual baby daddy👅

how do you feel what we're having

in your 'bones'? is there like a special

signal that sends through your bones or



exactly, and that's how i know we're having

a little baby girl, gosh

actual baby daddy👅

i think your signals are off tbh


i think YOU'RE off

actual baby daddy👅

well, if that's what you think, i guess

i'll just take this pizza you asked me for

and turn around? i'm sure chris would

appreciate it tbh


i'm sorry, i'm sorry😥

you're not off! you're great! you make

excellent hot coco and you're like really, really,

REALLY stealthy? i'm honestly surprised you 

haven't been caught by the paps yet tbh

actual baby daddy👅

that's because i'm a ninja?

and also because whenever i reach your block,

i pull my hood up and use it to cover like MOST

of my face. like, so much of my face that it should

be a crime tbh😂


such an injustice to this world, honestly

but don't worry, there's only five months left! 

or, just over, at least! and then, you will no longer have 

to be stealthy just to bring me pizza😄

actual baby daddy👅

are you implying that i'm still going to be bringing

you pizza AFTER you've given birth to our son??


more than that, i'm outright STATING that

you'll still be bringing me pizza after i give

birth to our DAUGHTER👶

and in return, i'll buy you kfc. that's how we roll gosh😭

actual baby daddy👅

guess i can't argue with that tbh


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