Prompt #4

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                Prompt: Brennan and the gang run into his old friends


                "Here, go picks up pizzas," Ted said, handing me money.

                "Thanks, old man," I said, putting the money in my pocket.

                Ted had invited me and my friends to spend a weekend at his house. In exchange for us helping him organize his garage, he was buying us food tonight.

                Ted lived in a pretty quiet neighborhood, but it wasn't far from the bustling part of the city. It was nice out, so we'd agreed to walk to pick up the food today.

                "Hey, delinquents," I called. "Get over here. Let's go grab pizza."

                "And wings?" Fagan asked, entering the hallway. "If wings aren't involved, neither am I."

                "Yea, wings are involved," I said. "But you have to carry them."

                "The weight of my sins," he said with a sigh.

                Tessa, Beckett, and Leon entered the hallway. We put our shoes on and left Ted's house, starting down the quiet road. It would branch off to the busier roads soon, but for now, the five of us walked side by side down the side of the road.

                Beckett had his yo-yo out, absentmindedly playing with it. But Leon noticed and shifted closer to me.

                "You traumatized my boyfriend," I said, putting an arm around Leon's waist.

                "I'm sure his father did a fine job of that before Beckett came around," Fagan said.

                Beckett whacked him with the yo-yo. "It's just a yo-yo."

                "You broke a girl's nose with a yo-yo," I pointed out.

                Beckett shrugged. "I think I made her look better."

                We rounded the corner and took a shortcut into the busy area of town. It wasn't as busy as usual, thanks to a free concert happening at the other end of town. But there were enough people on the streets that I dropped my arm from Leon's waist and took his hand instead.

                "Don't want me to get lost?" he said.

                "I'm afraid you'll fall asleep on the ground and we'll never find you again," I said.

                "If we lose Leon, you're the one who hasn't tell his parents," Beckett said.

                "Leon's mom would actually rip my arms off and strangle me with my own disembodied hands," I said.

                "Good thing I'm 17 and not 4," Leon said. "I know how to not get lost in a crowd, Bren."

                "Hey, Beckett, can I use your yo-yo as a leash? I don't want Leon to wander off," I said, ducking behind Leon when Beckett tried to hit me. "Fucking rude as shit, what the hell."


                The voice was shocked and familiar. I froze and slowly straightened up, looking over.

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