Harry instinctively stepped infront of me, making the man at the doorstep grin even wider. I knew it. I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right.

"Hello, kids." He picked at his teeth, scraping off the grime with his nails. He stepped aside and gestured for us to enter the apartment. I was cringing mentally as I prepared myself to be met with those monsters again. They were like a vicious disease that no amount of medication can get rid of.

I rushed past Harry and bolted up the ancient staircase. It made so much noise I was scared it might collapse but it was masked by an even bigger fear that made my stomach twist.

"Thalia, would you wait up!" I heard Harry call from behind as I arrived at the doorstep of my apartment room. His steps were heavier than mine and the wooden flooring creaked underneath them, causing one or two heads to poke out of rooms to give us threatening glares and a voice told us to 'shut the fuck up'. The residents here were far different from the ones back at my old place.

The rust ridden knob turned before I could touch it and I looked up to see none other than the devil himself. Damian. It was only a matter of time until he found out where we lived. His dark eyes narrowed at me before they landed on his son.

"You're going too far." Harry said to him and grasped my elbow to pull me behind him but I shook off his grip and sprinted into the room.

"Thalia!" My mother and Jakey said in unison. They were seated on the patched up second-hand couch in the centre of the room and three men surrounded them, one of them being Darren. I knew he was dishonest, I knew he was a big unethical sucker for money but I didn't expect him to straight out help Damian with whatever he had planned for my family and I.

His expression was neutral, without a single trace of guilt as he stood cross-armed behind the couch. My chest ached at the audacity. My mother had practically raised him and this was how he repaid her. My mother and Jakey attempted to stand but were held down by the tattooed men who pressed down on their shoulders.

I took a few steps toward them but was quickly halted when I felt a tug on my arm. "Take one step closer," The man with the bad teeth warned, but he was pulled away from me in a flash.

The next thing I knew Harry had him by the collar, his nostrils flaring as his eyes bore into the man's. The shorter, tattooed man by the couch inched toward them but something Damian did seemed to stop all action. All eyes were on him as an object was pulled out of the pocket of his heavy coat.

"I knew this would come in handy." Damian gripped the gun tightly in his hand. "I didn't want to use this, but I will have to if you keep misbehaving, son." He said as he sealed the door with a swift kick.

Damian wasn't wearing his leather gloves and it was only when he stepped into the light that I noticed a dark bruise on his cheek, stretching all the way down to his barely visible jawline.

Harry cocked an eyebrow at his father, surprise dawning on his features. "You're going to kill me?" He spoke lowly, like he couldn't believe it. I wasn't too surprised.

"Oh god, how could you even say that?" Damian let out a laugh before turning to look at his henchmen. A loud gasp escaped my throat when the gun was pointed at my family.

They were huddled together now, in a trembling embrace and my mind began to spin. I noticed the change in Darren's features. He appeared stressed but he wasn't doing anything.

"Now boys, I know I said I wouldn't kill anybody. But I didn't promise anything, did I?" Then his hard gaze was on Harry again. "I'm trying my best to be civil, but I have to be reasonable as well. And I'd like for all four of you to cooperate with me, especially you Harry."

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