Chapter 30

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Previously: "It's been a long time, Rin. I am the Kitsune."

Rin stared at the handsome man as he looked down at her through half lidded eyes with an amused smile, his fox ears elegantly set upon his head. 5 silvery fox tails swished gracefully behind him, their black tips marking 1000 years each instead of the usual 100 each tail of a kitsune yokai represented. His beauty seemed to have been blessed upon him by the heavens; he was breathtaking to look at. His pale skin, kind face and white hair made him seem like an angel, but there was nothing angelic about those gold eyes of his. That rich molten gold swirling in his eyes belonged to a demon. A ruthless demon that killed for sport.

The gold was very different from the soulful blend of oni eyes. Furthermore, the man's pupils were slits of darkness, crafted from the coldest and darkest of nights, made to strike fear into the monster's victims.

Yet Rin felt no fear.

She suddenly frowned. "What do you mean 'it's been a long time'? This is the first time I'm meeting you," Rin deadpanned, miraculously breaking the tense and powerful aura of the Kitsune. She didn't know what made her talk to an immortal, evil being like the way she just did. It was almost as if she'd done it a million times before.

The man slightly stiffened up, raised an eyebrow and the let out a low musical laugh. "As expected from Rinji's incarnation. Only someone like you would be able to cut through an ancient and powerful aura like mine."

Rin was daring enough to mockingly smirk at the Kitsune. "What's this? Is it really that easy to break your power and aura?" she asked, putting on a fearless act. "You're all bark and no bite after all," she continued.

The Kitsune suddenly returned Rin's smirk and closed his eyes. "Careful, Asai Rin. You're playing with fire. It's in your best interests to not say anything that will enrage me." When he reopened his golden eyes, Rin felt the color from her face drain out.

Her eyes were being held in place by his molten gold ones. They were so unbelievably cruel and cold...were so full of blood lust and unforgiving mirth.

They didn't belong on an angelic and kind face like his.

He leaned over and extended a slender, pale finger tipped with a long, sharp claw like nail, and placed it under her chin, forcing her head up to expose her neck.

"One slash from my nails is all it will take for me to end you," the Kitsune hissed, his smirk remaining unchanged as the moonlight glinted on his sharp canine.

Rin stared at the Kitsune. The silvery moonlight shimmered on his cruelly beautiful features.

Realization suddenly hit the obsidian haired girl when a gust of wind blew, displacing her own ebony strands, but leaving the Kitsune's pure white hair untouched. She put the pieces together: the rippling moonlight on the Kitsune's features. The disappearance of her katana. The cold temperature of the room on a warm summer night. Glancing behind her to confirm her suspicion, Gin wasn't in his spot sleeping either.

"You can't do anything to me," she stated.

The Kitsune's scowl sent another jolt of fear through her body. But Rin stood her ground against the ancient being.

"You can't do anything because this isn't real. This isn't the real world." Rin paused, her teal eyes brimming with triumph. "I'm still asleep."

The Kitsune stared at Rin, his form shimmering translucent under the moonlight, then gave her an unnerving smile. "Well figured that out too..." The Kitsune's face darkened. "You remind me of Rinji so much....if I had the chance, I would have ripped you to shreds by now," he sneered. 

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