The Intern

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"Maliah Michel. Caroline is ready for you." The woman behind the desk addressed me, eyes still glued to her computer.

I took in deep breaths and muttered my calming mantra, ''I can do this, I can do this", over and over again. Throwing on my 'game' face, I started walking down the large blue hall. Peering up at the walls, all the way up to the ceiling, I realized just how small I was in comparison to this hallway. I subconsciously slowed my stride, twidling my thumbs, suddenly feeling just a tad less confident than I had when I first walked into the building. Unlike most times when I would be wishing for more space, I wished I was back at home, in my room, where everything isn't intimidating.

When I reached the black door with the initials 'C.W.' displayed proudly at the top, I hesitated before bringing my fist up to rap on the door. A few beats of silence followed as I rocked back and forth on my heels, trying to shake any nervous thoughts that would manage to weasle into my head.

"Come on in." I twisted the door handle and immediately gawked over her office. The walls were snow white, as well as the floors but they were made out of a glossy tile. Her windows were big and clear, presenting the beautiful view of a busy London.

"You must be Maliah," She extended her hand, giving my own a firm shake. "It's nice to finally meet you. Please, sit." I reached for the black and white floral patterned chair and sat.

"Your outfit is ace!" She goggled, walking over to feel the material between her fingers.

"Thanks! Just a little something I put together." I replied, feeling a spurt of confidence.

The rest of the interview flew by and all I could honestly remember is that I got the job! I felt myself calm down as she handed me a few papers that had a map and files with a bunch of information that seems important.

"Well that's about it, Liah." She prepared to give me another handshake but I reached over, pulling her into a hug.

"Thank you so much, Caroline. I won't disappoint." She was taken aback at first but she embraced me, patting my back. Once she pulled away, I started for the door, ready to announce to the world that I, Maliah Michel, got a job with Caroline Watson!

"Oh, by the way...your first assignment starts now. Head down to the dressing room and tidy it up. I have mummy duty right now, but I'll be back. Enjoy, love." She collected some papers off her desk and rushed out the door.

Walking out of the office, I took a glance at the map, already having looked over it, but just needing a quick reminder. This building is massive, for no reason, and I really hope that I don't get lost. Finding the door with a piece of copy paper, 'One Direction' written in permanent marker, I was once again faced with the dilema of not knowing if I should knock or not.

It sort of just dawned on me that I'll be around the boys, getting them their next outfits and picking up their dressing room. I'm not a big fan-I won't have to fight the urge to cry or squeal-but I have a few of their songs on my phone that I like. And the fact that they're very attractive added to the slowly growing feeling of excitement.

Instead of being greeted by five boys, like I expected, there were only two of them. They stood next to the rack of clothes, Louis wiggling around in a shirt that obviously wasn't his and Liam grinning and gently shoving the smaller lad.

Neither of them seemed to notice my presence, as I scanned my surroundings, my brows furrowing at the mess that is this dressing room. Shirts were carelessly disgarded just about everywhere, pants the same and even jackets covered the place.

"Oh, I'm sorry, babe." He swatted Louis' arm, indicating for him to stop joking around and act professional.

I took quite some time to answer because I was surprised by the amount of tattoos on Louis' bare torso. "You like them, love?" He asked, catching my eyes. I felt my cheeks burn up, making the boys giggle. "It's fine! What's your name?"

"I'm Maliah." I extended my hand for the good ol' handshake, only to be pulled into a bear hug by them both. Instantly, I was slapped in the face by the smell of expensive cologne. Once we broke our embrace, they ran to one of the racks and grabbed the correct shirts.

"So what brings you here?" Liam asked, sitting on a nearby stool, taking a glance at the paper in my hand.

"I'm Caroline's new intern." I said, proudly. Their eyebrows raised at the same time and they exchanged looks of disbelief.

"So wait," Louis spoke up, facing me then licking his bottom lip. 'You're going to be with us for the whole tour?" He asked, tilting his head.

I nodded and they both let out a 'yes' in unison. I couldn't believe this was happening, just a week ago I was the girl at a mediocre fashion institute and now I'm touring with the world's biggest boyband. I excused myself and walked over to the nearest mess, which was directly by my foot.

"Sorry about the know how us lads are." Liam apologized, watching me place the clothes on the necessary clothing rack. Which, thank goodness, had name tags of whose rack belongs to who.

"It's alright. But, um, quick question...where are the rest of y'all?" I asked pointing between the two of them.

A/N: Weyhey readers :] I hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter! I will be updating more so don't fret but I need feedback in order to continue this story. Yes, this is a short story but I promise to make it worth your while ;} The outfit Maliah wore is on the right (I don't know why it's morphed like that but whatever I guess). Oh and yes this is not yet rated but I will when I feel like i have some juicy-like chapters to write hehe. Thank you & love you, teacups xx

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