Chapter 34 - Football fun & fixing sleeves

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I wasn't really sure what I expected Harry to wear to the football game on Sunday; maybe a nice suit with a little Green Bay pin or a white button down with a green and yellow tie. I had just assumed that he would be dressed up nicely for the game.

So when he let himself into my apartment at 10 in the morning wearing a white t-shirt with the sleeves cuffed and the Packers logo, dark skinny jeans that were sinfully tight, and those worn-down Chelsea boots peeking out from the hem, I almost fainted.

He looked like a real person going to a football game. And the fact that he had Raybans pushed up on his head, hiding behind those chocolate curls, made the entire outfit more appealing. By the time he reached where I stood to forget the game completely and drag him into my room.

"Norah," He drawled, my name dripping off his tongue into my ears like honey into tea. "Are Jace and Louis ready? It's a bit of a drive to the stadium."

I stared back at him, still completely shocked. And the fact that his formal tone contradicted the way he was dressed just threw me off even more. My fingers began playing with the hem of my green shirt before I dropped my eyes to the ground.

His arms were around me in a second, pulling me into his chest and squeezing ever so slightly around my waist. I melted into his warm grasp as I realised that he was, in fact, a real person and not some beautiful stranger who had wandered into my house.

"Norah?" He repeated. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm good," I mumbled into his chest as I tried not to become lightheaded from his heavenly scent. "Jace and Louis are almost ready."

"They take longer than you to get ready?"

I crinkled my nose in amusement as we finally pulled apart. "Does that really surprise you?"


He let out a deep chuckle and leaned back against he kitchen counter, casually pulling me back into him. My hands fluttered up his chest, resting right over the Green Bay logo, before I relaxed into him with a fluttering heart.

"Are you excited?" He questioned with a cheeky grin.

"Yeah, a lot. We've been freaking out about it like, all morning. Are you?"

"Good. And yes, Norah. I'm very excited," He murmured. His green eyes were lit up brightly in anticipation; I could practically feel the anxiousness to get into the stadium radiating off of him. This entire morning, so far at least, he's had that boyish charm hanging off of him and melting my heart.

We talked about who was supposed to win, and where the seats were, and who each other's favourite players were while we waited. By the time Jace and Louis scuffled in a few minutes later clad in green and yellow, we were onto debating on who was the better wide receiver.

"Jace!" I huffed as I turned around to greet my roommate. "Will you please tell Harry that Nelson is a better receiver?"

He raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow and gave a small shrug. "These past three games Jones has done great. So I don't know if I can back you up that one, Norah."

Harry grinned triumphantly as he finally picked himself up off the counter. "Told you. Is everyone ready?"

He was greeted by a chorus of 'yes!', and then we're following him out the door and down the stairs. We were an awkward, rag tag group of people who couldn't have looked more mismatched even if we had tried.

There was Harry leading us to his car with his even gaze and confident strides, with me, the girl who was trying not to trip over her feet and had frizzy hair, holding his hand tightly a few steps behind him. Jace was next to me, giggling into my ear about something, with his striped bow tie and quiffed up hair. Lastly, there was Louis, whose arms was around Jace's waist and tattoos were peeking out of his collarbones.

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