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This is just chapter 1. I might keep writing and there will be a chapter 2 in the near future.Please comment and vote or maybe even become a fan :p. I love feedback so feel free to tell me what you think. Oh and no it is not a real story I made it up from scratch like 10 minutes ago. So Enjoy. And thanks for reading! :)

Chapter 1- Passed out

So I'm sitting on my bed, well actually it doesn't deserve to be called a bed because it's just a mattress with a pillow. As I was saying, I'm sitting on my mattress in my new room filled with brown cardboard boxes and the aroma of well---empty. I'm waiting for my mom to get back from the local grocery store so we can eat dinner. Oh how rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself; my name is Jairhett Cartlynn. I am a 14 year old girl who has light blonde hair, shimmery bright blue eyes, naturally tan skin and a petite build; and now lives with her mother. Yes I said "now lives" with her mother. You see I used to live with my father and his girlfriend but one day he decided to run away with her and leave me home---alone. Not so bad being left alone when you're 14 but I was only 6. Child care came and everything and brought me to my mother. So now I stay with my single mom and we just moved to a suburb where almost every house is the same. I hate it here and I have a really creepy feeling about this neighborhood but my mom loved it so, tough luck for me.

Anyway, I starrr........... whoa I just heard someone pull up in the driveway. Mom just left, she's back already? I run downstairs to the living room and sneak a peek through the peep hole on the wooden door. I spot a medium build man, with dark hair, green eyes, wearing a tee shirt and jeans; getting out of his beat up car and walking in my long driveway toward the house. But it's like, I know this face. I've seen him before. Maybe I have seen him in the store. Wait it's all coming back to me. Yes it was the store. Next to the slide open doors. He was on the brick wall. Or shall I say hanging on the brick wall. How is that possible? His sketched picture was on a WANTED poster.

I have so many thoughts running through my head at this moment. What do I do? Hide? Call for help? Call my mom? Run away from my house? Because all I know is that he the man walking up to my house was trialed for murder. Yes I said murder. Oh Gosh, oh dear, lord help me! All I can do is breathe, not how we are supposed to breathe, but breathe heavy. As soon as I know it I'm shaking and BAM!

And I'm like, when did the floor get here? I start thinking did he hear me; is he going to get me? All of a sudden I get these horrible thoughts as I try to gain conscience. But the whole room is spinning and I'm lying on the floor. Before I can even get my phone out of my pocket to call my mom to call for help I pass out.

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