Chapter 77 (D)

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Nandini stood shocked after hearing his confession, she was happy would be an understatement, she was doing somersault and moreover going mad.

Afterall the possibility of your crush liking you back is 0.00001% or next to impossible or called as an illusion.

Was it a dream she wandered, with wide smile and sparkling eyes she looked at him.

Nan: You are serious right ??? You are not joking. Tell me you are not joking ?
She asked almost going out of breathe.

She was nervous, breathing heavily or probably suddenly she felt there is no oxygen around her.

Manik walked to her, taking her hand in his embrace caressing her knuckles with thumb he assured her.

His face was calm and the smile was angelic.

Man: You think I will fool around with you on something so serious and important for both of us. I like you too Nandini. And I would love to know you more than us being friends.
He said giving assurance while she nodded with a never-ending smile.

Nan: So are we dating for now ?
She asked clumsily while biting her lips.

Her cheeks had turned red while she looked down at their hands which he still holded firmly.

Listening to her question he chuckled and looked behind them where Maria stood looking all confused.

Maria: Friends ???
She asked looking at Manik and then Nandini who smiled even more and nodded in a Yes.

Maria: Now friend with me too ?
She asked moving towards her side while putting forward two finger ie middle and pointer as a symbol of friendship.

Nandini laughed loudly and picked her up while kissing her fingers.

Nan: Friends.
She said making Maria kiss her cheeks happily.

Man: Sorry to disturb both of you but we have a function to attend in less than 3 hours so shall we get going ?
He asked looking at both while Nandini blushed more biting her lips and Maria simply frowned angrily nodding in a NO.

Maria: I don't want to go anywhere. I want to stay with Nandi.
She told her papa not letting go from Nandini arms as he tried to pull her out from her embrace.

Man: Stop being grumpy again.
He scolded her while she frowned more and hugged Nandini.

Man: We are going together in same place now will you come in my embrace.
He asked while she finally went in his arms.

Maria: Nandi come with me.
She said forwarding her hand towards her while Nandini walked along Manik side holding Maria hand.

In Car,

The drive was silent with Nandini stealing glance of him here and there while Manik's full concentration was on road and GPS.

They had come along way, away from the city which made it peaceful but at the sametime difficult for them to reach on time to the venue.

Man: Stop staring.
He said as he very well knew what she was doing from past 45 minutes.

Nan: I am gazing.
She repily spontaneously while he smirked looking at her.

Man: You can make her rest behind, as sleepyhead won't get up any sooner.
He said referring Maria who was fast asleep in Nandini arms.

Nan: No, I like her like this in my arms. She is so cute and adorable. And it feels so peaceful to hold her.
She replied smiling, caressing her soft cheeks while Maria moved more close to her hiding her face in her dupatta.

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