It's official

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Hope's POV

Just minutes after we made it official it was like I was in a dream but it wasn't a dream it was reality and it was pretty amazing if you ask me. I couldn't help but smile as I looked at the gorgeous man sitting next to me holding my hand and the thought of him being mine was much more greater I felt like the missing piece that hasn't been there has finally found the right place to be. I knew we have to talk about how we make it work and knowing we both felt the same way it would work. my thoughts got interrupted by my phone ringing.

"Hello." I said. "Hey Hope it's mom just wanted to let you know that I'm home so you can bring Angel when ever you have time." she said. "Perfect timing, I got someone for you to meet." I said "Ok see you soon." mom said. we hung up. "That was my mom they just got home and she said I could bring Angel back when we got time." I told Jason. "Well we got all day so we can take her and come back and spend time together." He said giving me the sexy smirk he gets me with. "Sounds good to me." I said smiling back at him. he leans over and kisses me. I got everything of Angel's around and we headed out the door. we arrived at my moms and went in. "Hi my daughter." my moms boyfriend has always called me. "Hey, I got someone for you guys to meet, mom and Phil, this is and before I could say it my mom jumped in Jason Aldean. She knew right away who he was cuz I've been a fan of him since like forever. "It's nice to meet you." Jason said "You too." They said shacking hands. We sat and talked a while and then me and Jason headed back to my house. "Your parents are really nice." Jason said. "Well, I've never called Phil my dad I just never felt comfortable with it even tho my dad is no longer around." I told Jason. "Well that is understandable." Jason said. "So I've been thinking about how we will keep this relationship going and we need to figure out how to arrange it." I said. "Well I've been thinking about that too and we will make it work, I have a house in Georgia that we can stay at and spend some time at your place." Jason said. "Well, what about the rest of the time?" I asked Jason. "Well how would you like to go with me on tour?" Jason asked me. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Hope I'm as serious as a heart attack, I don't want to ever have to spend time away from you." Jason said. "I would love to go with you Babe." I said.

Jason's POV

It was a relief knowing Hope wanted to spend time with me as much as I wanted to with her. I loved this woman sitting next to me and I wanted to show her and everyone just how much she means to me and even tho we have never done any thing I would wait til she was ready no matter how long it took. I wanted to hold her in my arms for as long as I possibly could.

I seen Jason was day dreaming and he looked so sexy but that was a no brainier he looked good no matter what he did. I slipped into his arms and started kissing his neck and laid my head on him after a while I felt his lips kissing my forehead. My thoughts went to how much more control would I possibly have left before things went crazy. He made me weak to my knees. "Are you okay Hun?" Jason asked "Yes just thinking." I said "What are you thinking about?" Jason asked. "Everything!" I said "Oh." Jason said leaning over and kissing me. This kiss blew me away and it was different but a good different. I didn't want the kiss to stop but didn't know what it would lead too I was ready but didn't know if he was. But I would wait for how ever long it took. I love him more than anything. Jason leans over and we started kissing, the kissing lead into other thangs. We moved from the living room to my room and we laid there skin on skin. We made love for the very first time and it was amazing. it was like the very first time. Having that moment I knew would bring us so much closer. we both laid there thinking about how better this life could be.

A/N: sorry took forever to write had writers block and also working on wedding plans too been very busy. these next few weeks are going to be crazy wedding and honeymoon and reception/party a few weeks after then house hunting.. Let me know what you think.

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