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Tara's POV

I've been talking to Justin a little bit lately but not a lot. He told be a few days ago he's going back on tour. He said he never finished the Believe tour because he was to depressed that he had to be alone. So he is going to start it back up again. The sucky part is we leave tonight at 11.

J: "Tara?"

T: "Yeah?"

Justin smiled. 

J: "Do you have everything packed for tour?"

T: "You mean your tour? And yes, all done."

J: "Okay good, we leave at 10:20 to get to the ariport."

T: "Alright, thanks."

J: "Hey do you want to go bowling?"

T: "Uh no thanks. I'm going to hang with Austin before we leave."

J: "Oh okay, but be back in time okay?"

T: "Yuppers!"

I then ran out the door and went to Austin's house. 

10:24pm (airport)

A: "Do you have to go?"

T: "I don't want to."

A: "I'm going to miss you so much."

T:"I'm going to miss you too."

A: "No talking to other guys." He said with a laugh.

T: "No talking to other girls."

A: "Deal, your the only one for me."

T: "Same."

A: "I want you to know I love."

T: "Love you need you, need you here to stay."

Austin then kissed me. 

J: "Okay you two, TUSTIN is not over I'm just talking her away from you for awhile."

I giggled. And so did Austin.

Austin gave me one last hug then I walked up the stairs of the plane. I looked back and saw Justin behind me.

J: "Honey you need to go."

T: "Sorry."

He put his hand on the small of my back and kissed my head. 

J: "Everything is going to be fine. You both are crazy about eatch other."

T: "Yeah, your right."

J: "He loves you, I love you."

T: "Love you too."

Justin then picked me up and we sat on the couch I sat on his lap and they turned down the lights and Justin and I watched a movie. I fell asleep in Justin's arms. 

Justin's POV

I woke up in middle of the night and saw Tara fell asleep on me. I smiled and grabed my phone. I took a selfie and of her on my lap sleeping and put the caption as, 

'Priness fell asleep in my arms, just like the good old days, nice to have her back'

I then posted it. 

I started to creep on instagram and saw Austin posted a picture. It was of him and Tara earlier in the day. The caption said,

Under the stars she took my hand and said 'Love you, need you, need you here to stay.'

Everything about Austin makes me think he doesn't really love Tara but another part is saying they do love each other and they are happy.


A/N I updated 3 times tonight. Okay so I have a plan on how this is going to go but I need to add time. Confusing I know but I know how this story is going to go and I'm so happy. I've been stuck on where I wanted this to go then I introduced Austin and then everyone was so happy. So DRAMA!  Kik me and tweet what you think of the chapters and I'll maybe update tonight. Love you guys so much! xoxox :) 

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