Chapter 19

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I stride out of the room, leaving the unconscious Romulus slumped in his steel cage. As I enter the corridor I hear footsteps and Crystal falls into step beside me – her bow and quiver still slung over her shoulder. A half smile tugs at the corner of my lip. 

She's coming with me, and I rather like having her at my side.

"Where are we going?" she says.

"The prison cells."

She doesn't ask why, she just nods – her lips set in a hard line across her face, a trickle of blood running down her cheek from the cut across her fair eyebrow. The fact that she trusts me gives me a small twinge of pleasure.

We move quickly. Both aware we are running out of time.

Up ahead the battle is still raging, and the tiled floor trembles as we walk. Outside I can hear clashes of thunder, and rain, spraying like bullets on the roof of Olympian Corp.

"A storm is coming," says Crystal darkly.

"I don't think it's a storm, love."

War is coming.

We quicken our pace.

We will have to cross the battlefield to get to the dungeon block on the other side. As we approach we see the walls of the corridor have been smashed in, giving the cupids and monsters more space to fight. The floor is no longer black and white, but red with blood. The whole space seems to blur with weapons and movement. The whooshes of arrows, and the roars of beasts rage in my ears.

Crystal and I share a look. She nods.

And we run.

I slip and slide across the room - jumping over one of Romulus's fallen creations, swooping down to avoid an arrow heading straight for my shoulder. I catch sight of Jekyll, thankfully still unconscious on the floor, and Cal commanding his army in the centre of the room – his eyes blazing silver.

He catches sight of me, then Crystal, and he frowns.

But we're already gone, at the other side of the battle and sprinting toward the prisons. We reach the block, the door still ajar, and we enter the corridor that Cupid, Klaus, and I were contained within.

It's now completely dark – no dim flickering lights, only shadow. The cool air is quiet – though the floor still rumbles and rubble crumbles from the ceiling.

I have a feeling we're not alone.

I peer into the first barred cell. Then the next.

Both empty.

But he has to be here somewhere.

"Remus?" I call out into the darkness.

I hear, rather than see, the sudden wave of understanding come over Crystal as she walks, alert, beside me.

"He shares Romulus's blood," she whispers, "he should be able to command the army too."

I nod, though in the darkness she cannot see.

Up ahead I hear a shuffle. Then a moan.

Together, Crystal and I pace toward it.

"Remus?" she calls warily.

A cough response.

We stop by one of the barred doors. I place my hands on the metal, peer inside though the shadows, and make out a dark figure hunched in the corner. On seeing us it moves, standing up to its full height.

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