= Chapter 23 =

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"You embrace my flaws, my past, my burden, my choices cause you love me the way I am.
-Jeremy Lockhart


Dante threw a upper punch at the the tattooed man before punching him directly in his gut. The impact of the punch must have been great since the tattooed man fell to the ground almost immediately.

I stared at Dante in surprise at how his fighting seemed too good to even be true. He casted me a confident smirk before intwining our fingers together.

"Just make this like a game, Skylar. Pretend we're playing Temple Run or Subway Surfers. " he winked at me, running down the flight of stairs

Why was he so calm about this? Has he experienced something this terrifying before?!

"But I always lose terribly at those games?! These guys could kill us any second!!" I waved my hands dramatically in the air. We don't have much time left as I heard people running towards the door.

"No, they can't cause they don't have something that we have." He shouted out.

"What do we even have?"

"Each other." He stopped running and stared into my eyes intently before pulling me through the doors by the hand.

We dashed through the similar doors from where we came from and did quick turns in order to lose the people who were chasing us closely. Half the time, they were actually tripping over their own feet a use they were definitely half-drunk.

We were nearing the sunlight that streamed through the small door ahead of us but right when I thought every thing could go as planned...

Razor stood before us with his hands fisted and his eyes bloodshot red. He gave us a wicked smile which displayed his oh-so-beautiful golden rotten teeth which caused me to dramatically gag.

Dante had a stern expression as he stood protectively before me. I was expecting Dante to give a solid punch right at Razor's jaw. But I was so wrong...

"You guys think you could esc—" Razor chuckled evilly before Dante interrupted him.

"LOOK ITS AN ANGEL!!" Dante's eyes twinkled with joy as he pointed out with a cute adoration smile which caused gullible razor to jump around almost too quickly.

"WHERE!!" Razor screamed out in excitement and Dante used that opportunity to punch Razor right across the head before we dashed out.

"Why were you turning around when there was an angel right beside me." He muttered to Razor with a smirk. My stomach did a triple flip and I felt that sudden gush of warmth and bubbly feeling.

He held me by the hand as we continued sprinting all the way towards our motorbike till we lost the crowd of angry wrestlers.

"That...was...AWESOME!!" Dante fist pumped the air while I tried to catch my breath.

"We could have almost died!! Why did I come up with this?" I panted hard while laughing quietly cause I had to admit that the chase was adrenaline pumping.

"That's the second time you said that today, but now it's my turn to choose where we're going to next." He got onto his bike while I sat at the back.

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